Thursday, May 05, 2005

A week in the life of the Muscatis

So Mux gets an email from a girl whom he didn't recognize at first. She told him she knew us, esp me, and that she was a reader of our blog. It was only after reading the blog for a while and putting bits and pieces together that she figured out who we were. Mux has been posting on her blog as well and she got his email from there and sent us a message. When he realised who she was and told me, we got so excited. Ok I got more excited than he did (thats cause I'm more expressive by nature.. he doesn't giggle or squeal).

This world of bloggers is such a SMALL world.

Our friend doens't live here anymore, so we have been out of touch since, ummm, since her wedding in December 2003!

So here is a huge big fat hello to Nomadica!!

Ok now that I'm done squeeling... Did I tell you guys we went to this shop to order those cute teddybear borders for the baby's room? Well, we could have fixed the borders in the room ourselves, but decided to ask the shop to send someone instead so it could be done professionaly. Professional my ****!! Its been one week and already the borders have bubbles underneath and are coming out in some places :(

How could they do this to our baby's room! I called them and told them they better send someone to fix it. They said they would send someone immediately and I was so proud of myself thinking I scared them.. Well, obviously my threats haven't worked cause its been 4 days and they still haven't sent anyone. I'm going to take my hubby and make a personal visit today!

Oh and did I tell you about the baby's crib? The person who put it together did it all wrong and one side is upside down!! How could anyone make that mistake?? There should be two buttons on the top that you press to bring the side of the bed down when you wanna pick up the baby. He put the button part on the bottom.. I almost cried when I came home and saw it... Called those people as well and they also promised to send someone immediately. Liars :( I'm hoping Mux would pick up a screw driver and fix it himslef but it hasn't happened yet *hint hint*


On a brighter note, our future baby is going to be the funkiest, coolest, cutest, most adorably dressed baby in town. Yeps. We bought the little munchkin the coolest things! I wish they made the stuff in bigger sizes so I could buy some for myself, hehe.

If you are wondering why I haven't been posting (please say you have been wondering), its cause I'm asleep 70% of the time. I have no energy! All I wanna do is sleep! I was so energetic during the second trimester, but been feeling so lethargic since the 7th month. The heat isn't helping much either. Almost all my friends have delivered, so I'm feeling restless.. But, inshallah khair. I'm supposed to deliver next month. I wanna keep the baby inside for as long as possible :) This girl I know delivered 4 days past her due date and her baby is so cute and chubby and stuff. Well baked!!

And my final thought for this post is: I hope I have a fat baby.


nomadica said...

hehe..a huge big fat hello back!! (the an email!)

Kazablanka said...


my sister delivered a fat baby and well err let me just say she had a really REALLY hard time while delivering..

OceanDream said...

Ouch, ok not fat, but atleast chubby!

SoMe1 said...

Ocean dreams,

Sweetheart, not that I’m talking out of experience but of what I hear, when you’re due, the only thing you’d really wish for is someone to get that $#@^&%& baby out of you..

Well I hope it’s healthy but not fat (less pain for you)

And Good luck!

I’m off to London on the 20 for 11 days, wish for anything?

P.S: I wont visit this blog until I’m back :p

OceanDream said...

Ha? Then whats the use of asking for something!

Kidding! Enjoy your trip and take care!

SoMe1 said...

It's called "politeness" anyways i shouldn't be here.. err..

BTW I CAN HAVE A GALEXY :D :D But don't feel like it :P just felt like teasing you.. maybe i'd have one tomorrow :angle:

OceanDream said...

Ohmygosh!! You are meaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!!