Saturday, May 28, 2005


1. Been thinking of getting an Apple Mac. I love the iMac G5 but because of my current living situation I can't get a desktop computer since I don't have desk to put it on. I'm a bit hesitant about the Apple laptops because they run on the older G4 processors. I wouldn't want to plunk down a big chunk of change for a laptop and then a few months later Apple announces that they finally figured out how to put a G5 in a laptop. Another thing, I played around with a friend's PowerBook and I didn't like the feel of the touchpad- especially that it's not clickable. I thought maybe I should start at entry level and go for an 12" iBook. I dunno, is that a good choice. What would I be sacrificing and how's the quality on these iBook's anyhow?

Saw an ad in the classifieds from someone selling a 17" PowerBook. I spoke to him. He claims it's hardly used 1.5 Ghz G4 with 512MB RAM, 80GB HD and a superdrive. He wants to sell for 800 rials and is willing to negotiate. I gotta admit I was extremely tempted. But what stopped me is that the new PowerBooks are 1.67 ghz and have a scrolling touchpad. Also a new one would come with Tiger. For this one I'll have to add it on top of the price. Plus, 17" is way too big for a laptop that would be used almost exclusively on my lap. But if anyone if you here in Oman is looking for one, check out this week's TheWeek classified section.

Anyhow any advice from Mac-heads will be extremely appreciated.

2. Anyone out there using an RSS reader/aggregator. I think it might be time for me to finally get one. The number of blogs which I follow has become too big to manage the old fashioned way.

3. My internet connection has been acting up all weekend. Some sites load fine and others just won't. I can receive email but I can't send (neither my webmail accounts or my Omantel POP account). Can't upload pics to flickr either, nor can I upload posts to my blog, but I can comment on blogs just fine. I tried using OD's laptop and all internet sites work fine, but the email problem's still there. (I'm posting this from a training center where I'm supposedly being trained on how to be more efficient by using the full functions of MS Office).

6. According to this blog's stats, an incredible 91% of you are still using Internet Explorer! Please do yourself a favor and switch to Firefox. Trust me, you'll be thankful for it. You'll never want to use that horrible IE again.

5. OD got me a 1GB iPod Shuffle :)



dervish said...

Asalaamo Alaykum!

It would be a heck of a lot cheaper to just buy a desk!

muscati said...

Can't. We had to move in with my folks when the house we were renting got sold. We decided to build a house of our own instead of rent again, so for the next year we're constrained to one room in my parents place. No place for desks and additional furniture.

Plus with wi-fi now available almost everywhere it's better to get a laptop.

mortal thoughts said...

The powerbook is for professionals/semi-professionals doing some kinda heavy media related work. If you want it just for normal usage, the ibook should work just fine. (Have you thought of that miraculous new mac mini -its the size of a small book and loaded with wifi features and can be connected wirelessly with a small flat screen?).

One thing about Macs, even if they are G4 they are still better than a lotta wannabe laptops. And dont worry Apple is not going to put the G5 in the laptop atleast for a year yet. Reason being they have unveiled new models of desktops with a whopping 3Ghz.

The ibooks lovely but it comes in white only (if your ok with that)Il'd suggest go for it and then a year or 2 later get yourself a powerbook.(and give this one to yar wify ):

Mansur said...

Hi, I use Apple Powerbook G3,which i got way back in 1999 and I love it sooo much I want to marry it! Since the world is PC oriented, I am forced to use PC elsewhere, and many programs are developed for PC. Like Blogger, it does not allow for me to use all the features when I access it from a Mac. But in any case, I love Macs. I am thinking of getting the same laptop you mentioned. I also have the iPod Mini..and I want to marry that too!! lool!! Gosh, I love these computers! PC sucks! As mentioned here by someone else, Apple computers are great for those who are into multimedia, and I use it for my Cad, drawing programs, as well as watching movies and bruning and ripping music and sync it with iPod!


muscati said...

mortal thoughts - if I was still in my house with my old desk top computer and my amazing 19" IBM TFT display I'd have bought a Mac Mini the minute they came out and used it with a KVM switch. The mini is too sweet a deal to pass.

I was looking at prices and it looks like the 12" iBook isn't worth it. By the time you up the RAM and the HD the price gets too close to the 12" PowerBook which is better equiped and has a faster processor. I guess if I do go for an iBook it'll have to be a 14". Otherwise it's better to opt for a maxed out 12" PowerBook.

Mansur- I can't deny that Apple make great products. I've had my iPod close to two years now and it's perfect. I got my wife an iPod mini for her birthday last year and she's in love with it. And now she's got me a 1GB Shuffle and I've been taking it with me everywhere for the past 3 days.

Blue Chi said...

You can't go wrong with Apple, if you can afford it then go for it for sure, I am not sure about the specs and the details though.

I have never tried an RSS reader, please do tell us about the one you use, I think that there are many online readers as well, have you tried these?

I am an Explorer user! Firefox is great, but I discovered a bug in it that was apparent on my website, it is a little bit too technical, but anyway, in an HTML page where a table is larger than the table that contains it, the outer table is supposed to expand to contain the one inside, but in Firefox the inner table just spans through the outer table and the whole thing looks messed up. I don't know if anyone understands what I'm saying here, but my point is that Firefox is not perfect.

muscati said...

blue_chi- Firefox does have its bugs but it's still lightyears better than IE..

IE was a typical Microsoft scam. They kept pushing it until it became the default browser and owned the market. Then they simply stopped developing it. Firefox is faster, better, more efficient with system resources, and much easier to use. And with tabbed browsing I can read more pages in less time than I did with IE, and without crashing my system.

DevilishAngel said...

"Once you Mac, you can't go back!" That should tell you something about how great they are!

I am currently a PC user :( coz this is the same laptop I brought back with me from uni, however when I was in college I relied on Macs heavily to do all my graphic design and digital art projects for my art minor. Macs were abundant in the art labs, and I tell you, they work wonders with graphic softwares-if you are into that.
I couldn't operate on a Mac on a daily basis coz I had to install and use alot of database, CASE (computer aided software engineering) tools and softwares that were only PC compatible :(
Mac now supports other operating systems, so it shouldn't be a problem for basic needs, so really, go for the 14"iBook or 12" powerbook (whatever tickles)... they are both beauties.

nibaq said...

Macs are just great, got my first one in 2001 (ibook g3) it is now with my brother as his first Mac and running Tiger so he can get used to it before he gets his new one.

I currently have the latest PB 15" with the 100g HD and just 512 ram and the super drive, also a the 3 year APP and got it for around 2300.

The main reason I didn't go for 12" was cause I hated that screen size, its good when your a kid and moving around a lot and just want to slip it in your bag and get going. But once you are more stable and need that extra resolution you beging to get annoyed with it.

The 17" in my opinion is made for designers/video editors and people who are always on the move and need that big screen to do their work and looking for a desktop replacement.

So if you looking for something like that then teh 17" is a great, and that extra speed bump isn't a big issue, and you can get some program to create that scroll option in the older devices.

Yet for that price you can get a nice 15". The ones that are our now are really top of the line bluetooth 2.0, super drive etc. I just priced it with the bigger HD and VRAM and the APP you can get it for 1000 OR. The APP is Apples warranty package, and protects your laptop for 3 years globally. Trust me it is better to have it than not.

The iBook are nice but really entry level, and feel that you will get really annoyed with it quick especially the 12". And think of it this way with the baby coming with the PB 15 you can make DVD movies to share with people ,).

RSS readers are good, I suggest using a web based one like or bloglines. That way you can check them from work and home!

And I used Firefox on the PC but OmniWeb on the Mac.

calkoon said...

I started using a mac out of necessity, hence I was forced to appreciate its good features, but now I'm back using a PC and I refuse to consider using a mac again...

I suffered enough..!!

Firefox sounds good.

I didn't understand anything you said Blue_chi. I wish I did :( .... In my book if it's faster it must be better..

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