Monday, May 09, 2005

So young.. Yet not?

Glalaxy with nuts. No raisins. Thats all I can think about.

I want!

No, I need!!!

I can't have :(

Not allowed... Cause I'm pregnant and I have to watch my blood glucose levels, which I never imagined I'd have a problem with! But, unfortunately I do.

Damn glucose levels! I have a chocolate craving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope this baby knows how much I love him/her or else I'd be cheating 24/7!

My kid sister had gestational diabetes when she was pregnant with her first baby, and she never followed any strict diet. Never watched her sugar intake. The only thing she did was stop eating all junk a couple of days before any of her prenatal appointments so that her doctor doesn't find any traces of sugar in her blood/urine! Alhamdullillah baby came out fine and sister was fine as well.

Problem is, I can't do that. I worry too much and I'd never take that kind of risk. And even if I wanted to, I'm married to a man who freaks out more than I do and won't allow me to cheat.

My cousin, who is about 24 called me yesterday told me that she went to the doctor because of her re-occuring headaches and found out she has high blood pressure! Poor baby! She freaked out! She is like, I thought I had atleast 30 years before I have to worry about that kind of stuff.

Not to mention poor Mux who also has blood pressure issues. And M-Pac!!

Have you guys noticed this too? Is our generation more susceptable to these "old age" diseases? Is it us? Our lifestyle? Our food? Or is it just hereditary?

Personally I blame all my glucose problems on the fact that I'm half Egyptian.

I think 99.999% of that country is probably diabetic!!


Wardat_il'7leej said...

I think that we have become accustomed to the lazy life and taking body and ourselves for granted. I know that I was much more active when younger and then you hit a time and age where you simply let your self go, one of the first steps of being healthy is actually doing things that make you healthy.

OD- at your stage walking is a good thing, since I heard it eases labor (don’t know how true this is)

It funny you should mention my lil bro BP, since it made me realized each of us(my family) is afflicted with something hmmmm...

OceanDream said...

Yeah Warda, I have started walking already. Its true, everyone says it should ease labour *fingers crossed*. But, its not just that, my doctor says I have to walk for atleast 30 minutes every day because its also a good way to control my glucose levels. Its also good for Mux's BP.

I think you are right, its all to do with our lifestyle. If we just change our eating habits, and make the time for a short walk everyday, we can control all these illnesses.

As frustrating as it all is at times, I thank God that anything thats wrong with us can be cured with diet and excercise alone. If it wasn't for modern day medical followups and checkups, we wouldn't have found out what was wrong with us until it was too late and we'd had to rely on medication. I hate medicine!! I don't take any medicine until I reach a stage where I can't bare (or is it bear) the pain anymore. I much prefer natural remedies (nothing beats herbal teas and a hot water bottle)!!

Kazablanka said...

YOU'RE HALF EGYPTION??????????????????

I didnt know that.. THATS SO AWESOME.. egypt is next to libya and libya is next to egypt.. yeah..


maybe we are related!!!

Lym said...

I have been craving chocolate like mad ..and pizza and macdonalds and mountain dew
but you have an excuse , you are pregnant ! I have nothing ..Why do I crave so much ?hmm Duke says I am missing someone..I think I am .

Hamdullilah , so far I have nothing to worry about except for my low hemoglobin level in my blood. I can't think of any medical condition that my siblings suffer from which resulted from our 'modern'lifestyle,hamdullilah .

Take care.
You will be fine. :)

OceanDream said...

@Kaza: You missed the whole point of the topic! Hehe. You think you might be a cousin of mine? Would that make you our child's great aunt? :) If so then we are expecting lots of gifts from you!!

@Lym: I can't begin to write the list of things I have been craving!! But Dew isn't one of em :) I'm a die hard Diet Coke fan. I know I'm supposed to cut down on caffine but Diet Coke is my only vice.

Kazablanka said...

I actually had a lot to say about what you wrote but when I read you were half egyption I was in shock! I double fainted.. like i fainted and then i got up and fainted again!!! yeah.. thats how shocked i was..

ok you are prolly wondering, why is she so shocked im half egyption???.. well the secret behind it is ....... I KNOW ONE OF YOUR FAMILY MEMBERS...muahahahahaa

OceanDream said...

Ofcourse you do, we are related remember :)

Sowhat said...

well i think it is more than the lazy life and other thing ..

a study done in fanja recently .. actually very recent that the result is not published yet but as i am involved in it i know some of the results .. showed that 40% of omanies will develop diabetes some time as they are ageing .. that broke the last documented record for oman which is 15% of omanies .. and it also decrease the age for the patient from the 35 to the 25 !!!

well what they are trying to discover is what is the reason amean this is breaking allthe records even comparing to other epidemic countiries like kuwait , KSA , qatar , uk , us ...

they are assuming it is the genetics plus the hange in the life style ..

actually they are saying that the genes for diabetes was always there .. but it is now TRIGGERED ealy by the hight fat , high carb food and less energy expendure ..

still more researches needed ..

:) wo belsalama OD :)

muscati said...

It pisses me off how many diabetics there in this country who don't take care of themselves. It used to be that diabetes was a disease that killed. Nowadays, while it is not a curable diseases, it is definitely something you can live with. Careful diet and exercise, and you probably would never need insulin. But that's now it goes, does it?

I was talking to a diabetic relative a couple weeks ago who was complaining that she can't follow the doctor's advice. She can't eat bland food. She's too tired after work to go for a walk. Etc. So I asked her straight out, "what is it exactly that gives you joy in life? What gives your life the most flavor, is it life itself, is it your kids and family, or is it the food that you eat?" Unless you live to eat and nothing else matters, then why kill yourself with food?

What gets to me even worse, isn't just the diabetics who don't take enough care of themselves, it's that even those who want to can't because of the lack of choices. When we were in the cinema last weekend both snack counters were out of diet drinks. I asked the cinema manager, what excuse does he have for this.. with as much as 30% of this country being diabetic how can he justify not having any options for them other than water?

I found I have high blood pressure and it freaked me out. It's been two months since I last ate anything resembling junk food. I don't even snack between meals anymore. I try to walk as much as I can. I honestly can't say I've lost any weight despite all that, but at least my blood pressure's normal. My grandmother died of diabetes, even if I didn't have a risk in my family, just by being Omani I am at risk of getting it. I am 32 years old, so I can't pretend to be too young to be scared of all these risk. Gotta take steps to be healthier.

It's not an option any more, people.

OceanDream said...

@sowhat: If you are involved with this kind of work, then perhaps you would be the right person to ask. Are there any plans to conduct diabetic screenings for entire households? I know that in the UK there is a suggestion to start screening entire households for diabetes to discover if any of the younger members have it or are at risk of developing it by testing their glucose tolerance levels.

I know that this is a huge project and needs lots of manpower, but I think its worth it. Esp since the age of people effected is getting younger and younger. If discovered early on, they can be helped through advice and awareness.

Kazablanka said...

Oh! I just read what you guys said in The Week... I was sooo excited when I saw your names!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sowhat said...

To my knowledge there is nothing like this planned over here .. at least never hear it in my level .. any way what we really want to do now atleast to make ppl know what is diabetes .. then know what is the symptoms of diabetes .. then where to go to check their glucose level and if they are affected to be COMPLIANCE to the treatment .... what make patients come to us in the first place is not the symnptoms alone .. but becouse they checked their glucose level throught their mom , dad , aunt machine ..

and the study done in fanja is more complicated that the Oral glucose tolerance test .. (OGT) It was throught measuring the level of insulin in the blood which is quite expensive test cost around 40 RO amean imagine it the project was sponsered by the Sultan Qaboos university , the univ paid one million RO and it cover only Fanja how much it will cost to cover all Oman !! plus we dont have the manpower to do so ..OGT will be good test for screening as its high sensitive for picking glucose and it is cheap but it had to be done by profitionals .

and as you said if we discovered the diabetes early we would delay the complication .. i would use delay instead of stop ..

OceanDream said...

@Kaza: Hehe, thanks :) I wanna tell Mux to publish the article here or put a link to it. 3ad ma self advertising!

@sowhat: I see where you are coming from. I know its a big deal and requires lots of manpower in addition to funding. But, I'm sure it can be done in stages. There isn't a national diabetes society is there? I haven't heard of one. Maybe if there was one, then you can use that to spread awareness.

Since I have a feeling that one day I will be a member of Majlis ALDawla, I'll propose providing a budget for a mass screening :)