Wednesday, May 25, 2005

RO or OR?

Why do English price tags in Oman have the currency abbreviated as RO (Rial Omani) and not the more grammatically correct OR (Omani Rial)? It doesn't make sense to translate the Arabic grammer directly into English. In Kuwait it's KD, Bahrain has BD and in the UAE they simply go for DH (dirham). And have you noticed how most people here spell our currency Riyal when the correct spelling is right there on every note: Rial.

And an even bigger issue: Why do our ministries have their signs only in Arabic? What are we trying to prove with this policy, learn to read Arabic or get lost?


Mansur said...

In Saudi, it is SR (Saudi Riyal!) and it is spelt as Riyals, which is why I guess people in Oman spell it like the Saudis. Maybe the ministers can sign better in Arabic than in English.


nomadica said...

The Ministries with their signs only in Arabic is something that drives me crazy. I have driven up and down the ministries road so many times trying to figure out which one is which. In the end I've always ended up parking on the side of the road and calling my dad up in desperation, and then he describes the appearance of the building to me. There should be corresponding signs in English too. I can read Arabic but I'm not that fluent so even if I had to make sense of a sign in Arabic I would need to drive by it more than once!

DevilishAngel said...

You're RIGHT! It's a common thing they do here in Oman, with the translation. They do whats called "tarjama 7arfiya" where they translate every word for what it is, not necessarily to convey its meaning.
As for the ministries, you totally have a point, however, thats the case in every country. Their government buildings/units are named according to the country's native language.

1 said...

ليش تنتقد كل شي؟ مافي شي يعجبك في هذي الدنيا؟؟

muscati said...


Isn't it quite obvious by now?

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