Wednesday, May 11, 2005

The Muscatis get some press

We got a call three weeks ago to be interviewed for an article about Omani bloggers in TheWeek. We chose to keep our anonymity, even though our identity is not secret and probably half the town knows us, and gave brief interviews over the phone. I emailed the reporter links and phone numbers for other bloggers. For a while I thought the article had died, but there it is in this week's issue.

Nabhan scanned it and posted it on his blog. Click here to read it..


A. Woman in black said...

Hey there !

Shoot....I thought I was going to be the first one to tell you guys congrats and that I read the article this morning....guess I should of left a comment this morning, but I was kinda busy.

So Congrats :-)

Blue Chi said...

That's really hot, though a little bit on the shallow side, a topic such as blogs could have gone more in the psychology of it, the sociology of it, and not only the fact that we have people in Oman that blog. :P lol.

Petite For Life said...


Kazablanka said...


hey, I wanna be popular too :cries: ... and muscati, im sorry if u hate my blog.. but not everyone is as deep and intelligent as you! thats why we keep our blogs as personal diaries.. yeah.. :)

OceanDream said...

What are ya talking about Kaza! He loves reading your stuff! He was the one who told me about your blog!

Plus, All is Mrs.Muscati does is write about day to day happenings in her life :)

I think that comment was misinterpreted wallah.. PeAcE!!

iamnasra said...

Thanks for puting this up I would now that there were an article about your Omani blogs..great how come thye missed my blog..okay I have to uplift the look of it I guess..I have to hire someone to do that for me..LOL said...

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