Tuesday, May 03, 2005

It's all good

Everything's ok in Casa Muscati. It's just that I have nothing to write about.

Had a really great time in Dubai last weekend. Great shopping but for the first time ever a new experience: 99% of it was for the baby, not for us.If there's one thing I have to say about the trip it's: there's no experience in the world as satisfying as shopping for your baby. Trust me, unless you have kids and been through it, there's absolutely no way to describe it. Imagine how you feel when you're out shopping for stuff you like, whether it's handbags for you ladies or gadgets and gizmos for the guys, but multiply that by the nth power. When you're shopping for your baby you want to get everything you see. You don't care how much it costs or if you've already bought 5 others like it. You see something you like, you just gotta have it.

Been going through a bit of a blah phase these past two day since we got back. I'm not feeling down or anything, I'm just not up for anything at all except vegging out and watching movies. I'm finally getting to clearing up the huge backlog of DVDs that I haven't watched. The backlog's gotten so bad I've had to move the unwatched movies to a new shelf of their own.

I started a second flickr account. This one will be just pics which I take for the blog, mostly camphone pics. The url is: www.flickr.com/photos/muscatiblog


Kazablanka said...


Thats so cute.. I cant wait for the baby to come... god, I'm so excited and its not even my baby!! lol

since you have sooo many dvd's can I borrow some??? :)

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