Sunday, May 22, 2005

The force is strong with this one

Hot damn, Star Wars - Episode III sold $300 million of tickets around the world in it's first four days. In the US 2 out of every 3 people going to the movies this past weekend went to see Star Wars! [link]

Not sure if the force was equally strong here in Oman. People aren't into sci-fi here. But they sure were out in force for the first show midnight May 19th. Shatti Plaza was sold out. It was great seeing the movie in a theatre full of fans. I'm gonna write about it (one day, I guess). I enjoyed the movie but for some reason I don't feel like writing about just yet. Gonna see it again for sure though.


DevilishAngel said...

:( I dont like Star Wars *sulk sulk* I don't like Lord of the Rings either *snif snif*. Maybe you could be an angel and write me an executive summary on episodes I II and III so I don't feel so left out :P J/K.
Do write about it (wheneva), that's the only way I'll ever know anything!
P.s I hardly think that 2/3 Omani's went to see it. There are six ppl living in my house and none of them went hehe, stats don't apply!


nomadica said...

We just got back from watching Star Wars - waited a couple of days to avoid the massive rush here in the US - and enjoyed it too.

Mansur said...

I watched Star Wars here in Dubai on thursday when it was officially released. It was jampacked, too many shows and we had to get the tickets early on in the day for the 1030 show. I had not seen Episode II because I was disappointed with Episode I. Episode III was all right, I almost fell asleep, but halfway through, things become more interesting. For me, it was heavily symbolic of religious story of Adam being tempted to sin. You can read my blog entry for further info. I still prefer the original Star Wars!


OceanDream said...

My sister doesn't like Star Wars or Lord of the Ring either, DA, so its ok, you are not alone out there :)

Come to think of it, Muscati has declared this week and next Star Wars Weeks, and I will be forced to watch every single one ever made. We already saw Episode 4 (which is from the 70s me thinks). You are welcome to join :)

Before marrying Mux I wasn't a huge fan, but I guess it rubbed off :) Unfortunately my love of "Sex and the City" hasn't rubbed of on him, he still hates the show!

Nomadica, were you in of those cinemas in the States where ppl came in carrying their light sabers?

Leila M. said...

They had hordes of lightsaber-weilding crowds at the shows here in Oklahoma. Sort of a clean version of Rocky Horror goers, lol