Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Donkey Donkey Donkey!

Alternative title: What if it was Donkey from Shrek or Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh?

Last week someone told me about a Spanish woman here in Muscat who was stopped by the police because she had a sticker with a picture of a donkey on her car. The woman (her name is Elisenda Vidal) wrote to TheWeek telling the same story and they published it in full in this week's issue.

The woman was stopped by a policeman at 8am telling her the sticker was offensive. In her own words:

He asked me if I knew what it meant. I said that it was a catalan national symbol. he said, "No, it means that whoever comes from the left of my car is a donkey".

This is the donkey in her sticker:

He then made her drive to the next roundabout for another policeman who inspected the sticker and agreed with the first guy. They made her wait for a third policeman who turned out to be a senior dude whose English was much more fluent. This guy said that the problem wasn't the donkey, but the sticker itself. He said it was not allowed to have stickers on cars here. And then proceeded to give her a 35 rial fine!

I'd love to say this is the most outrageous thing I've ever heard.. but then again I remember this is the same organization that almost arrested me because I criticized a concert and which blamed me for a hit and run accident because they weren't able to locate the guy who crashed into my car because they didn't have an address in their records.

Sorry, Elisenda. I have an ESO sticker on my car. Maybe one day a policeman will be offended with the turtle in the sticker and stop me too.


The Everglades said...


That is very interesting. Where I'm from, sadly, everyone has "W" stickers on their car for our boob President. They should get pulled over.

All the best,


Lym said...

That was amusing and ridiculous.
What are they trying to do ...fine people to get extra money by looking for silly reasons.


Sowhat said...

actually i dont know why am not suprised but the funny thing he was judging about something he couldnt read him self out your turtule could be explained to have some polititcal influence in it :P

A. Woman in black said...


WHAT ?????!!!!!!!


After all of that , I just have to mention that i'm not really suprised :-P

muscati said...

I think in this particular case the sticker might have had just the donkey without any writing- in Spanish or otherwise.

Still doesn't justify the policemen's action.

And what about all the idiots who have stupid crap written on their cars. Why isn't that offensive?

Irony said...


Wardat_il'7leej said...

Well I thought it was a common known law that vehicles in the country are not allowed to place any stickers on their cars? Guess not :S

Blue Chi said...

That's crazy.

te12 said...

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