Saturday, May 21, 2005

Blog stats

I have nothing to write about but I don't want to keep the blog without a new entry so I decided to post this week's blog stats. When the reporter from TheWeek asked me how many visitors the blog gets I had no idea what to reply since the only stats I had were number of visitors but not unique views. I went and added a counter that same day (I think it was April 17th). Looking back at the stats I gave her, I guess I under-estimated the number of daily unique visitors greatly. I told her it was probably around 60 a day. Turns out it's more like 114. These stats are as of May 19th:

Muscati and Wife

-- Site Summary ---


Total ........................ 3,296
Average per Day ................ 114
Average Visit Length .......... 3:06
This Week ...................... 800

Page Views

Total ........................ 7,168
Average per Day ................ 243
Average per Visit .............. 2.1
This Week .................... 1,698


OceanDream said...

*High five* oh husband of mine


And thanks to each and every one of you who has ever dropped by our humble blog. And and even bigger thanks to those of you who have shared your views with us.


M-Pac said...


Keep it up :D

Mansur said...

Hi, I am like so impressed with the figures here. I also know that more people visit my blog than I know of. How and where did you get the counter, or tracker, from? I would like to install one on my blog as well! I havent had the time to read your older posts, and will do so soon!


hibbalicious said...

hey this is cool where do you guys get this thing from? im so bad at html i can barely add links you know lol never mind a counter lol

Anonymous said...

i wish i knew how to have that counter on my blog will some1 plzzzzz teach me??

i love ur blog it has a warm feelin to it ;*

Wardat_il'7leej said...

There are different site that offer the service, with various options all you need to do is search.

My visible meter is from
The invisible one on my blog is the same one Mux is using

Mux- I think your last post off-set the blog lay-out, your side-bar has been pushed down

Kazablanka said...

ok i dont want to ruin this for you guys but umm I visit your blog like 100 times a day.. so 100 of those visitors were me.. yeah.. sorry..

DevilishAngel said...

Mashalla Mashaaallaaa...'tuff tuff tuff' (its beyond me why Arabs spit to prevent 7asad, does anyone know why? hehe but here goes nothing..5atoooooooooof -no offense walla 5ayfa 3alikum bas!)

Very NICE figures...feels good to know that so many care to read you, la?

DA :)

DevilishAngel said...

Mr.M- This is not a comment, this is just to inform u that ur request has been granted :)

calkoon said...

Masha'Allah fantastic stats...

I get my stats from it's very different, as it distinguishes between new users and return visitors, based on the cookies, hence you can separate Kaza's 100 visits from other visitors.

You get:

Page Loads per day
Unique Visitors per day
First Time Visitors per day
Returning Visitors per day

I got 1003 visits in one month...

muscati said...

Calkoon, I actually have three counters including StatCounter like the one you have which I only added last week. The three are at the bottom of the side bar.

According to StatCounter for the period from 25/5 till today (29/5) there were 1361 visits to the blog. 565 were unique Visitors of which 384 are first timers and 181 are unique visitors.

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