Sunday, April 10, 2005

Ya Rashid

A couple days ago I saw a large Rashid Al Majid poster on the window of a music store so I went in to see if he's released a new album. Indeed he has and it's apparently selling like hot cakes too. I was gonna get myself a copy but alas it was only available on cassette. According to the shop guy, Arabic albums come out on tape and the CD follows a week or two later. I'm not sure if this guy's right, but it would be really pathetic if it's true. Am I supposed to wait a couple weeks, or does the music company expect me to stupidly buy the tape and then come back in a week and buy the same album all over again on CD?

Inzain, ma 3alaina.. so last night I was visiting my mother in law and was flicking through her Zahrat Al Khaleej magazine, and there he was again: Rashid Al Majid. Duuuuude.. the bro's been on an all cheeseburger diet or something. It's like he's been gaining weight exclusively in his face. Oh man, Rashid.. I don't know if it's just food or if you've been partying too hard. I never was your biggest fan but you've got to go easy on yourself.

I actually read the interview. (Yeah, I know I'm pathetic to read Zahrat Al Khaleej, but I have this disease: I'll read anything you put in front of me, even if it's the back sticker of a shampoo bottle). Not a very interesting interview. In fact very boring for the first few pages. And then Rashid all of a sudden says "I really need this album to succeed because I have a lot of debts to pay off." The interviewer asks how can you be in debt when you're so successful and beside your albums you also do lots of private parties and weddings? Rashid replies that no matter how much he makes he still spends more and that now he's now at the stage where's he mortgaged all three of his houses.

We saw Rashid a couple years ago when we were furniture shopping at The One in Dubai. He was with some Russian ho. I don't know if she was his girlfriend or just an interior decorator but the way she treated him was like she owned him. She ordered him around like she owned him. He'd show her something he likes and she'll reply with a short lecture about the item really is, how it's used and what should go with it. And then she'd tell him to go run and bring something else. And he never once complained or objected about the way she was talking down to him. OD wanted to go say hi but I felt so sorry for the guy that I thought it would better to just pretend we don't know who he was. Now in retrospect, it turns out the guy doesn't give a damn.

Slightly off topic: In the interview Rashid said that they've made 600,000 copies of the album for the initial run. It got me thinking, how come we don't have Arabic music charts and no one ever tells us how many copies Arabic albums actually sell.

Note: This post was written about 10 days ago and emailed to the blog. It got lost somewhere along the way. I have bought the album since then on CD from another shop where I found out that it's only in Oman that shops don't get the CDs till a week after the release. Apparently everywhere else they get them day and date. Incidently, the album sucks with not a single fresh song in it. In fact a few of the songs even sound suspiciously like songs from his previous albums.


Kazablanka said...

I read Zahrat Al Khaleej sometimes, does that make me pathetic? :)

Is Rashid Al Majid the guy thats kinda short and sings this song where all these people are dancing in a circle or something? I'm sorry but my music knowledge is very limited =\

OceanDream said...

Yeps thats him :)

Lym said...

I saw him at Wafi last year , when I went to Dubai.
He is not treated like a celebrity in UAE. He is a normal figure ...

I am not a big fan of him , he has one or two songs which I listen to ..other than that , I don't anything about him !

anonymous said...

how much do you wiegh it seems you are always talking about other peoples weight problems and thier looks. what about you what do you look like hot shit???

muscati said...

Dear anonymous whoever you are.. I am actually quite obese and never once did i claim to be hot shit or even cool. I am what I am, which is more than you are. I have something to say, while all you do is act smart and hate on my blog. I can't believe you actually went through the trouble of registering the nickname Anonymous just so that you can act stupid on my blog. Get a life will ya.

Kazablanka said...

Anonymous, you need to be slapped.

Sleepless In Muscat said...

Muscati & OD:

I listened to the songs on and I thought they were very upbeat even though they had the strange familiarity of his last album. But I guess to each his own, eh?

ps: did you know you could always delete the comments on your blog that feel are unappreciative or irrelevant or unmannerly such as this turd's (i.e.: anonymous)? Just thought I would remind you..

OceanDream said...

Kaza and Ali: Thanks :)

Yes we can delete comments like that, but, when we started our blog it was just to have a place to put our thoughts and discuss our views with whoever stumbles upon our world. That includes the negative stuff as well. Whats unfortunate though, is that Anonymous actually has nothing to say and only posts when he/she wants to personally insult us. His/her comments have no meaning to us personally, so we just leave them. They reflect on him/her.. Not us.


mortal thoughts said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
mortal thoughts said...

Maybe the guy needs a mama to control him!, you know the dominatrix kind:) or was feeling fetishy to play the fetching game.

All said, I dont think it could have been a Rusky ho, perhaps his white skinned keep.

Noors said...

I think that your blog is one of the good ones that I've been reading, so you guys should ignore anyone who comes here and mocks you, ain't worth it!

As for your post. Tell me abt it, this guy keeps gaining weight all the time, esp around his face! It's sad, he used to have really good songs, and I used to like him a lot. Not a big fan anymore.

Balqis said...

A friend from Aramco used to sing always 3ala meen talaba, the only song i know, bit sad if am not mistaken
Back to the topic :p am fat and ugly if any interested

Blue Chi said...

Anonymous, you are not obliged to read this blog, if you don't like it then just don't read it. You suck more than Rashid Al Majid, and you are pathetic whether you read Zahrat Al Khaleej or not. I bet you do though.

anonymous said...

Muscati - its funny that all these people treasure every word you say and you love the attention it seems to be getting you too bad i bet you cant get the same attention elsewhere.
Kaza - hows the stalking going, honey you are the one that needs a nice big slap to wake you up have you read what you wrote wanting to take care of thier kid instead of the maid looking for them in the supermarket how pathetic is that!
Noors-i use loreal because i am worth it :P
Blue Chi - you are the one that sucks honey dont make assumptions on my reading habbits

NaBHaN said...

lol.. man..i can't believe u actually bought his album on CD. a waste of money if u ask me.

Devilish said...

“And he never once complained or objected about the way she was talking down to him. OD wanted to go say hi but I felt so sorry for the guy”

We sometimes reach to a stage in life where it doesn’t matter what happen to us anymore, especially if something tragic on an emotional level hit us in very recent times. What worse can happen than what has already happened !?

Figure of speech . . .

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