Wednesday, April 13, 2005

We got wheel covers

ESO wheel cover

For all you 4X4 owners here in Oman. Here's your chance to reduce the guilt you feel everytime you drive your gas guzzling monster. These gorgeous wheel covers are now available for just RO. 6 each. This is super high quality stuff, it's not your average run of the mill wheel cover. It will not tear or fade. The proceeds go to the Environment Society of Oman, so you know the money's going to a good cause.

If you want one please send your inquiry to: or you can even email me.

More ESO merchandise coming soon. Coffee mugs should be available from next week.

Makes you wish you had an SUV just to put one of these beauties on it, don't it?


Masquerader said...

I much much prefer hard covers. I'd buy one if they will customise one just for me and I'll pay RO 20 :)

Najah said...

we might have one when am back, they look nice...

nice Advertising! (I mean the picture helps alot :D)

Lym said...

I am impressed that you are into the environment..
If I owned a four wheel drive , I wouldn't have hesistated to purchase one of these 'beauties'!

I think when I come home this winter , I will volunteer in one of these organizations. :)

Petite For Life said...

I know someone got it for RO.10.

muscati said...

You're right, we sold a few at ten rials but a few days ago we decided to reduce the price to RO. 6. We're going to contact all the people who bought it for 10 and offer them other items to make up for the higher price that they paid. Or they can treat the 4 extra rials that they paid as a donation to the society. Don't worry, no one's getting ripped off.

Arabian Princess said...

I'd love to get the car shades .. you guys should make some and you got your first customers :)

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