Tuesday, April 05, 2005

To spoil one's self

For a little bit of "me" time, my friend and I decided to spoil ourselves a bit today. So off we went to the spa. I had an AMAZING head, neck and shoulder massage.. Aaaaah! Heaven! So intoxicating I could hardly move afterwards.

Mux thinks its so easy to rip women off and that facials in particular are bullshit. His point being, why are you paying someone 20 rials to wash your face for you :)

I know its a bit extravagant, but, it was oh so good!

What do you do when you wanna pamper yourself?


Masquerader said...

Pedicure and 7amam zeyt. I prefer doing my own manicure at home. Other ways of spoiling myself: it only happens once a year or so, I'd go out one evening and shop away (sometimes blow away upto 70% of my salary for that month). I repeat, that only occurs once a year. It's so worth it though.

Kazablanka said...

I sleep... wallah thats like the best way to pamper myself.. cuz my poor body is always exhausted!!!

Lym said...

Men will never understand our pleasures ..lol

I shop to pamper myself. Maybe sometimes have a facial and a scrub..

Wardat_il'7leej said...

Hmmmm…you read my mind I am totally in need to a spa leisure time

Spa/ Hamam
Manicure/ Pedicure
Getting my hair done/Hot oil treatment
Another intoxicating treat….SLEEP!
Sometimes just for the sake of it getting henna designs done

Lol it reminded me of the session I had before my malka and wedding, I did everything on consecutive days since your supposed to give your skin a break to breath. Btw I don’t do all these things often enough (but I already hinted that at the start of the comment)

Sowhat said...

i totally agree with Muscati women should pay 20 RO for washing for such a thing !!!!! you know there were a study that says women do pay money to relif their stress by shopping for something they dont need , what a waste :P

Bahrania said...

Hot stone massages are great!

I had a thai massage last time which was such a waste of money, the Thai woman bending your limbs left, right and centre for what reason I don't know..

Lym said...

OD and Muscati , if you dont mind me asking , how did you two meet ?

OceanDream said...

Hey Lym..Someone actually asked us the same question a little while back. As I was about to open my mouth and relay the most romantic, breathtaking, dramatic, will they-won't they, oh-it-was-meant-to-be story that I know our story to be, HE opens his mouth and says: "we had mutual online friends so we ended up chatting."

And just like that, my version was shattered to pieces! Personally, I like my version better. Even if, when you really get down to it, what he says is true.

SoMe1 said...

I go for a P/M every other week. I treat my self to a Facial and massage once a month. I don't care how much i spend i know i deserve it :p

Lym said...

heheh , Thanks OD.

Men keep things simple and to the point , and we women exaggerate and want it to be all romantic and dramatic. LOL.

Maybe we should try to find a middle ground..hmm.

muscati said...

How we met?

Here's the full romantic epic version:

Let's see... Around November 1998 OD was told by someone about my webpage which she visited and left a comment on my guest book. About a month later I was on IRC and saw her nickname and I msg'd her asking if she's the same person who wrote on my guestbook. We got chatting and it turned out she was friends with most of my friends but somehow our paths had not crossed in real life. I introduced her to some of my online friends and within a month we had met up in a gathering. We got to be friends and within 6 months of that we were a couple.

From here on the romantic story turns into an EPIC romance. Cosmic forces.. planets wouldn't align.. karma wasn't right.. After a turbulent relationship we finally got married in January 2003.

OceanDream said...

Hmmm...Well, better than your initial reply, but I still think my version is more romantic :)

Actually now I'm starting to wonder if my version really did happen or if it was all part of my imagination.. It could have been wallah, Mux thinks I'm always imagining stuff, hehe..

ANYHOW, the last few posts have been offtopic, so in order to get it back on topic, I think my husband should do something to spoil me this weekend. Take the hint Mux ;)

NaBHaN said...

How do i pamper myself?

I buy a bunch of pirated dvd's and watch them one after the other. :p

MaazEfrai said...

I am looking to have build a hamam in my garden uyeah just like in Irak where i come from. can you helpme find a builder??

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