Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Sheikh Khalfan Al Aisri.. Thank you!

Last night a group of us girls gathered in my friend's house for a different kinda girls night. We had a very special guest there: Sheikh Khalfan Al Aisri, who was kind enough to accept my friend's invitation. I've only heard him on the radio before and have never met him, so last night I was really looking forward to the whole thing. For almost 3 hours, we were free to throw any questions we had his way. It was great, he made everyone feel at ease and he wasn't judgemental at all.

I have to admit, before meeting him, I never really spent time listening to any of the sheikhs in Oman. I always felt that many of them were quite imposing in a way and that there was always a barrier between us (the general public) and the sheikhs in general. For me, personally, I have always loved and respected Tariq Swaidan, Jasim AlMuttawa and Mohammed AlThwaini. I never get bored listening to any of them speak. Despite their knowledge and religiousness, they don't talk down to the average joe. They somehow manage to bring themselves down to a level that you would understand without compromising their stance. I love listening to them give advice on how to raise your kids in an Islamic way, or how a husband should treat his wife, or about women's rights or even about self improvement. Topics that are important to all of us, and all spoken from the point of view of Islam. Stuff thats mentioned in the Quran but that just flies over your head until someone points it out to you.

I mentioned these people to Sheikh Khalfan and told him that I honestly don't know of anyone in Oman like them (thats just me personally, maybe they are out there and that I just haven't heard of them). He said that the people I mentioned are all educated men who, in addition to their knowledge of Islam, have travelled abroad and studied the art of communication. They are people who know how to get their message across and how to draw people to them.

Many of the sheikhs in Oman are educated religion wise, but have not had the opportunities to travel and study important aspects of da3wa such as communication skills. He also mentioned that now there are many in Oman who are slowly starting to move in that direction and that the Minister himself has chosen men from Sharee3a to travel abroad and study such things. I think thats great, because I know there are many people who have so many questions related to Islam but are afraid to ask because they feel that they would be looked down upon for not knowing the answers.

If there are more people like Sheikh Khalfan, religious men who are willing to take time to answer and explain without judging, then more of our youth would be willing to learn about their religion..

What do you guys think?


Kazablanka said...

I've always been a fan of Skeikh Khalfan Al-Aisri, the lectures he gives in english every other sunday at that big masjid in bowsher ROCKKK!

SoMe1 said...

One of my acquaintance at work once paid a visit to my parents house where sheik khalfan was also present, he asked we do women wear the head scarf. Sheekh Khalfan asked me to stand up, and so I did, he then walked towards me and stood next to me, and asked the person of what does he see visible of the both of us, so he said, well your feet, face and hands. Honestly I was shocked, I mean I could have never thought of bringing it like that (I think he’s a great person *mashallah*) he was right, that’s how I imagine men in at the prophets time use to dress up.

The only thing different is that the law was enforced on women and not on men, and honestly I can see the reason behind it.

4eva said...

I think Sheikh Khalfan masha Allah is very knowledable masha Allah and he can be on the list with the other Sheikhs that OceanDream mentioned.

Another Sheikh that i have love listening to is Sheikh Khalid Yasin a former American Christian who became a muslim. He now travels the world delivering the message of Islam. I have had the opportunity to attend 2 of his lectures. I am sure we would enjoy and benefit his lectures.

Lym said...

I was a frequent caller on his FM show. I had alot of questions which I did not receive answers that satisfied me and his answers did.

Thumbs up to him , mashallah.

Apparently , he has quiet a character, I hear he is a funny guy. I like that in him.

Arabian Princess said...

Shiekh Khalfan is a good man indeed. There are lots of women too who can give fatwa and are easy to talk to like: Abeer Al-Khusaibi for example who heared her lectures several times.

I am very glad alhamdulilah that there is a great contributions from scholars these days in Oman that are open minded and willing to make a change .. and whats greater, is that more and more people are attached to islam and willing to learn.

OceanDream said...

I'm glad you all think he is a good because he really is. I think he is an example to be followed.

4eva: Does Sheikh Khalid YAsin have tapes? Books? Where did you attend his lectures? Sorry for all the questions but you got me interested :)

Arabian Princess: Where does she conduct her lectures?

Thanks guys :)

Kay said...

i've never heard of him...?!

4eva said...

Glad i got your attention..well he has dvds that can be bought online the site is

I attended his lectures in Australia, and sweetie ask all you want i dont mind.

Wardat_il'7leej said...

I have met and attended lectures presented by Sh. Khalfan. I find him to be very humble and talks to people as an educator with experience of what its like to be a less religious human being

Timothy W. Crane said...

Thank you for showing that Islamic Scholars are not simple minded rabid hate mongers. I am often saddened by the fact that there is not more really engaging aspects of Islamic society in English media on the internet except your local "takfirtalk chatline and forum" or "Islamiphobiarus". I often though that the Internet would free us from centralized, distorted pictures of Islam that are often portrayed, but unfortunately it has only led to multiple distorted views, from every possible extreme angle. This post was a much needed refreshment indeed. said...

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