Saturday, April 09, 2005

Remember Portofino?


I was driving around Shatti Al Qurum last week looking at houses to get ideas for the outside design for our house and I drove by Portofino. It's been close to 5 years since this restaurant closed down. It went bust because one of the big shots who lives in the area opposed the issuance of an alcohol license for it. They tried for about a year to survive without the alcohol, but apparently in Oman an Italian restaurant that doesn't serve wine can't make it.

I'm surprised no one's bought the location and tried to revive it.


Kazablanka said...

do you think its a good location to open burger king? :)

OceanDream said...

I liked Portofino. I think it has one of the best locations ever! Its a shame it closed down.

Imagine opening a BK in such a romantic spot! Who is in a romantic mood while stuffing their face with a burger! Hmmm.. then again.. Why not! :)

Kazablanka said...

I've never been to Protofino, Its been closed every since I moved to Oman.. and I moved here 4 years ago!

Who needs romantic candle light dinner when theres burger king?? you know If a guy took me to burger king I'd be 8576769340 times happier than if he took me to an expensive candle light dinner... god I am such a sad person =\

OceanDream said...

Yeah I don't care where Mux takes me out to dinner... I just wish he'd pick the restaurant once in a while...

Uffft, I always have to make the plans, he never does.. Even when he feels like eating out, he asks me to pick a place!

Oh wait, he picked a place last week and it was awful, hehe.. Smelly place :)

nomadica said...

It's a pity Portofino closed down. I liked the food there, especially the pizza. I wonder why the owners haven't moved the restaurant to any other location? Somewhere no one has a problem with them serving liquor? Seems like a waste to still have that sign up there in the old spot. A little misleading too as people might think it's still in business.

muscati said...

nomadica, they couldn't move the restaurant to another location because they actually own the building. Unlike most restaurants in Oman, Portofino was actually purpose built. They found a great spot and spent a lot of money building a restaurant. They were never told that they will not get an alcohol license. They opened and kept waiting for the license to come through. It never came. Finally they shut down. They've been trying to sell the building but no body in Oman wants to buy a building that can only be used as a restaurant. Without selling liquor how much business will you have to make to cover the cost of such a building?

Devilish said...

Any idea how much they wana sell the place for !?

Kazablanka said...

sorry devlish, you were like an hour late.. I just bought the place..

burger king will be opening soon people :)

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