Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Photo time again!

ESO Ball pic

Last night we attended the ESO Ball in celebration of Earth Day. It was a charity black tie affair with a raffle and an auction. We had a great time and the event was a huge success. The money raised will go towards setting up our HQ and funding some environmental research here in Oman. The menu seen in this picture was designed by Raed Dawood, one of the founding board members. He designed the ESO's logo and also did the poster for next week's lecture.

ESO mug

Speaking of ESO, we now have coffee mugs. I know what you've been thinking. You've really been wanting to get your hand on this really cool logo but you didn't want to go the extreme of buying a huge SUV just so that you can put an ESO wheel cover on it. Well now for the low, low price of 2 rials, you can have one of these ultra cool mugs. Should I put you down for five? email me if you want any.

sad  mannequin

Could this be the saddest looking mannequin ever?


This is part of an official Ministry of Health birth control campaign. The condom is called Rabla, i.e. a rubber! Isn't there an Arabic word for condom, or is the Ministry of Health trying to use a word that connects with the people?

Shelf-ful of teddy bears

A full shelf of teddy bears at a local flower/gift shop.


OceanDream said...

Aaaah! The ball really surpassed our expectations! I'm so glad it went well! Look for our press release in the papers soon for more details on the money we raised as well as our sponsors...

I told ya guys he'd post the pic of the mannequin fomr Araimi :)

As for the condom, I think I read or heard it referred to as "alwaqi althakari." I could be mistaken though!

Shalloola said...

The ball was a truely fantastic and lively event. I would have said hello and introduced myself, had I known who you were.

Sowhat said...

We use the same word " Rabla" in the health center when we give people lectures about Birth spacing .. most married females would name the condom rabla not condom am talking about illetrate females ..

"Alwaqi Althakari" is the right name bit it is kinda difficult for illetrate ..

Best wishes for the ESO :)

NaBHaN said...

I have to say that the ESO logo looks really good muscati , any idea who designed it?

muscati said...

Nabhan, the logo was designed by Raed Dawood. He's a founding member of the ESO and a current board member as well. He's does graphic design work in his free time.

He did the logo last year with lots of input from the board and the executive committee, but all the design work was his. For last week's events he also designed the tickets and the menus.