Sunday, April 03, 2005

Phone Cam Bloggin' Again

Here we go again with yet another stream of cam phone pics. Sorry guys, no bogholes this time.


The Muscat Securities Market (MSM) is booming. The Dhofar Power IPO presently in progress till April 14th, everyone in Muscat is talking about it.

The IPO will most likely be oversubscribed. To get around that people look for others who aren't subscribing so that they can apply in their names.

Stock Depository

Quite often the people who aren't subscribing are people who have never purchased shares before. Before you can apply for shares in their name you have to go to the Depository and register their names as investors and get investor numbers for them.

It's a simple procedure. They fill a form with their details and enclose a copy of their ID or passport. However in the present IPO frenzy people, the rumor is Dhofar Power's allocation might be just 500 shares per application, so people are looking for more and more people to add to their subscriptions. It used to be you can get an investor registered in a day or two. Now it's as long as seven.

Fat Fingered lady will sing

Remember Ms. Scary Fingers? OIB's RO. 100,000 draw will be held on April 6. That's $259,000 going to one single winner who did nothing but deposit 1000 rials ($2600) in an OIB non-interest paying savings account. Will the fat-fingered lady sing for us? I promise I will never make fun of OIB or their scary marketing posters ever again if I win the prize. One last swipe: isn't this the worst website ever?

Meanwhile all the banks have gone crazy with cash prizes. NBO announced they're giving away RO. 100,000 in May and all you need to do is deposit RO. 50. BankMuscat are giving away RO. 100,000 every 2 months (minimum deposit RO. 2,000) and 20 prizes of RO. 1,000 each every Saturday (deposit of RO. 100 only). Bank Dhofar has something big too but the write-up was way too complicated for me to waste my time on.

BankMuscat new sign

Speaking of banks, BankMuscat is experimenting with new sign board designs for their branches. The new signs have marketing pictures and have the bank's website address showing prominently. They're still taking feedback before they decide whether to take this forward or not. For now the only two branches with the new signboards are Qurm and CBD.

Reusable bags

These are ESO reusable cloth shopping bags. They're now available for sale at Turtles in the Intercont and at 3 Al Fair supermarkets. Now you have no excuse to use plastic next time you shop.


I didn't know belly buttons get the same treatment as boobs and underwear. But now when I see weird stuff like this at least I know who was responsible for it.

Censored 2

I don't know what they were trying to censor here, but I like this new system of covering up by using see-through tape. They should use this for all magazine censorship.

Update (04.04.05)


This, believe it or not, is an LG 1.5 ton split unit A/C. They call it Art Cool. They come in all sorts of colors and finishes and they cost about 50% more than other 1.5 ton A/Cs. This particular one has Soorat Al Fate7a on it. Unbelievable, eh. How come no one thought about this before and all companies made A/Cs that looked exactly like each other? For all these years airconditioners looked like airconditioners!


Bahrania said...

I tell ya u seem to have genius's censoring your magz. I don't know if its good or bad but we have hardly any pornographic (ok lets so whoever's version of sexually explicit) censorship in Bahrain, not on the internet or magazines. The censorship is drawn at the red line of politics!

nomadica said...

The pic of the see-through tape on the magazine is hilarious!

My dad and brother have signed up for the Dhofar IPO and are very excited about it.

Can non-Omanis sign up for this too?

mentioned maturity said...

hahahahaha. those pics remind me of the terrible black markers scratched across our history textbooks! mainly taking off the indian sculpture and goddess images.... what is the meaning of such extreme religious propogation when u cant trust yourself and your kind??

muscati said...

nomadica - yeh Dhofar Power IPO is open to non-Omanis.

Wardat_il'7leej said...

The secret I have learnt through my lifetime is that these black streaks come off with nail polish remover, pervert I am not but somehow as a 8yr old I needed to know what they were hiding.

Kazablanka said...

The lady in the first magazine is...HOOOOOOOOOT very HOOOOOOOOT....ok I am not lesbian but really, appreciate beauty where u see it, and she is HOOOT LOL :p

@Wardah: I think there are somethings that are wrong and some that are right but most things are in the "gray" area and Allah is watching.... so although you say it was just out of curiousty and you were 8yrs old, we dont really know if thats true or not, and we will never know either.. only you know and God know :p

Wardat_il'7leej said...

What’s that supposed to mean?????? Oy!

This coming from a woman who just commented that another woman in a mag. is HOOOOT

Kazablanka said...

It means that we dont really know if u are a pervert or not, even though you claim not to be one hahahaha :p

well you gotta appreicate beauty when you see it lol.. so yeah!! :D

Kazablanka said...

come to think of it, I think everyone is perverted... or maybe I am a perverted so I think everyone else is.. hmmmmmmmmmmmmm


nibaq said...

I have this idea, we should get people in the Gulf to go out and buy the same magazine and compare censorship.

Think it would be amusing to see the different styles and who they consider offensive.

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