Thursday, April 28, 2005

Off to Dubai!

We are off to Dubai in a bit (Yahoooo)..

Should be back by Saturday inshallah...

Its not like I've been posting much this past week, but, atleast now I have an excuse :)

Do update us on all the happenings while we are away!

Oh and Kaza, I'll keep my eyes open for a long limbed Libyan girl!!

Take care people!


Najah said...

Enjoy the trip.

Wardat_il'7leej said...

Have fun and enjoy shoppin

Kazablanka said...

I didnt go :( :(

something came up and I had to postpone my trip to next weekend :(

Anyway i hope you guys enjoyed yout trip! What did you buy? what did you see? where did you go? what did you eat?

Tell us everything!!!

OceanDream said...

Hey! We are back! I'm so tired..So exhausted.. I'm getting too old (or too fat) for car trips to Dubai. Thing is, no airline would allow me onboard when i'm past 7 months pregnant, so a car is the only way to go.

I managed to find almost all the baby stuff I'm looking for, thank God! Have a few things left, but those are small things that I know I can find in Muscat.

Its amazing how much choice there is in Dubai. So many shops that cater to babies!

It was also good meeting up with my cousin and Mux's cousin as well. One of my friends from uni also came to see us today, which was sooooooo nice!

Went to Wagamama ams for dinner.. I luv Wagamama!!! KAza you should try it next week when you go inshallah.. Its in Crown Plaza...

Today we went to Yo! Sushi to support the owner who is a good friend of ours :)

Ok me tired now... Off I go!

Kazablanka said...

Alhamdulilah 3la Asalmah :)

You seemed to have enjoyed the trip, thats great :)

Wardat_il'7leej said...

Welcome back...waiting for you to show off the baby stuff you bought :)

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