Sunday, April 17, 2005

How to blow off a customer and impress your boss at the same time

Aramex have this really cool service called Shop & Ship. Basically they give you postal addresses in the US and UK and then you can order stuff online or from catalogues and have it shipped to the addresses they give you there. You choose whether you want items from your mailbox shipped to you three times a week, twice a month, or monthly. It's a really great service. Except for one thing: it costs twice as much in Oman as it does in the UAE, Bahrain, Qatar or Kuwait. In all those countries it costs $8 for the first half kg and and $5.5 per each additional half kg. But in Oman it costs $15 for the first half kg and then the $5.5 per each additional.

I've been scratching my head trying to figure why it costs twice as more in Oman for that first half kg while it costs the same for the additional half kgs. From what I know, Aramex's hub is in Dubai and all packages for the gulf go there first and from there they ship them to all GCC countries. So how come they can send the stuff to Kuwait for less than Oman which is right next door. (or maybe the hub isn't in Dubai).

So I emailed them today.

My email:

I was interested in setting up a Shop & Ship account for Oman, but I was really disappointed to note that your shipping rate to Oman is almost double what it is for UAE, Bahrah, Qatar and Kuwait. Is there a reason why they pay $8 for the first half KG, while in Oman it is $15? Don't they all go through the same hub in Dubai, which is closer to Oman than all of them?

Reply not even 10 minutes later:

Thank you for contacting us, and for your interest in Aramex Shop&Ship service.

Please note that the Shop&Ship's shipping rate to Oman is higher that what is it to UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, and Kuwait, because the shipping cost to Oman is higher than the shipping cost to UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, and Kuwait.

Should you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Not only did he reply, he CC'd it to three people in his company. I don't know if they're his supervisors who he's trying to impress, or if it's some inside joke to show them how quickly he brushed me off.

My reply:

Thank you for your very prompt reply. I understand that shipping to Oman might be more expensive but doubling the rate sounds a bit excessive to me. You guys are the shipping experts so I can't complain. At the present rate if I do subscribe to Shop & Ship, I can't go for more than a monthly service. If it was the same rate as the rest of the gulf I might have gone for a more frequent service. I think if you try to reduce your rates and make them more competitive you will get many more people in Oman who join the service.

His reply just 6 minutes later:

Your welcome anytime & we will be always at your trust in our service.

Kindest Regards...

Amazing, ha. He just read the first line of my reply and immediately fired up a reply. Of course, once again he copied the others. I bet by now there was a bunch of people falling off their chairs from laughter in Jordan.

How's that for quality service.


Blue Chi said...

I cannot believe that somebody could actually reply in so much nonesense! That's crazy.

Are there any other companies that offer this sort of service to Oman? (Other than the one for books that you talked about long time ago.)

Sleepless In Muscat said...

why don't know you just go straight to the guy and ask him what his problem is..?

Their office in Muscat is right next Muscat Private School....there's a big sign board that has the company's logo..

you should go and check it out...

muscati said...

Ali, Aramex is a Jordanian company that's about to be bought off by a UAE company. The office here in Oman wouldn't be able to answer this question.

M-Pac said...

muscati and others,

try SkyNet, it's a Lebanese company. They have a similar offer as Aramex called "Skybox". I believe they have an office here in Oman. Why don't you give them a try?

More info here

Kay said...

are u sure this is even a customized email? seems to me like something they have prepared and automatically sends without anybody even reading ur email.. try sending a differnt email complaining about something else from a different email account and see if u get the same response

mortal thoughts said...

Its actually true and to some extent it makes sense. Reason being no one ships in that much stuff in Oman compared to the rest of the GCC countries.

Plus the fact that we in Oman hardly register on their economic radar.

muscati said...

mt, regardless whether there is business in Oman or not, if Aramex has an office in Oman then they get daily transfers from their hub. Regardless of the quantity there has to be a truck coming and going at least once a day, or else they wouldn't be a courier company.

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