Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Guns + Ammo


The trial of the 31 suspected members of an illegal group which was planning to overthrow the government and implement an islamic imama based on the ibadhi fiqh concluded in Muscat yesterday. The verdict will be announced next Monday.

The prosecution put up a display of the guns, ammunition and cash which was found with the suspects.. How can anyone claim he has a AK-47 because it's an Omani tradition to own a weapon like one of the lawyers said:

اما حيازة السلاح فهي كثيرة ومجتمعنا محب للسلاح وحتى يومنا هذا يأتي الناس بالسلاح في ايام الاعياد فهم لم يقصدوا به التأويل لقلب نظام الحكم

As usual, the only detailed coverage was in Al Shabiba, you can read it here.


Arabian Princess said...

I read Oman's newspaper and it was quite detailed that it got me bored :)

also there was 2 pages full in alwatan newspaper.

In oman newspaper, one of the lawyers kept on insisting that the two issues (making an organization and having arms) are not related.

Yallah, lets wait for monday to hear the verdict.

Kazablanka said...

dont believe everything you hear people..

and that picture looks fake to me anyway..

A. Woman in black said...

I haven't really been following this too closely, I gave up on the local newspapers a while back, but...wasn't this whole trial thing really quick?

illogicist said...

Woah, that shot is cool, I must say. It looks like something out of a Tarantino flick.

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