Saturday, April 09, 2005


Sorry I haven't been bloggin this past week, but I see you've been doing quite well with OD's posts. I haven't been writing much because there isn't much going on at the moment for me to write about. It's been quite low key lately. Today's post is going to be hodge podge.

We went to see Be Cool yesterday, and damn if it was one of the worst movies I've seen in a long long time. I wrote a review on OmanForum, I won't bother to cut and paste it here. It's not worth it. But if you want, you can read it here.

All of a sudden last week I suddenly had an urge to buy an iPod Shuffle. Unfortunately (or should I say fortunately), Mac Center was all out of the 1GB Shuffle and it will take a week or two to get them back in stock. I think they sell them for about 70 rials, which is about $180. As impulse buys go, it wasn't going to hurt much if I end up not using it at all.

This town keeps getting more messed up. First I started buying my books at the supermarket. Now I'm buying my CDs at Starbucks. My favorite CD of the moment is Jazz Impressionists, which is sold at all Starbucks outlets. It's a great jazz CD with a couple Miles Davis tracks as well as Dave Brubeck, Thelonius Monk and others. But the highlight for me is the full 14 minute version of John Coltrane's My Favorite Things which I hadn't heard in quite some time. It's so amazing. I spent a couple hours just repeating it. I don't usually repeat songs no matter how much I like them, but this is something truly special.

I uploaded a big bunch of photos to my flickr account today. They're mostly pictures from around Oman. I was browsing some blogs today and came across a blog which had a photo album which had a few of my photos from Oman on it. They were all credited to me, but I didn't like stumbling across my own photos in someone else's photo album, so I decided to upload all my photos to Flickr over the next couple weeks.

And finally, I decided to buy the Nikon D70 D-SLR. I went to buy it a couple weeks ago but it was sold out and they said they'll get it before mid April. Now I read on Engadget that Nikon is coming up with an improved D70, probably named the D70s by the end of the month. Which means even if they get the D70 back in stock this week I'll have to wait till god knows when for the newer version to arrive in this part of the world.


OceanDream said...

I think in all fairness, if Mux buys the iPOD shuffle for RO70, then I should find myself something that costs the same and spoil myself shwai. Problem is, I can't think of anything I want that costs RO70.. I can think of something that costs RO700, hehe..

People please tell him to buy the camera already! He wants to buy it.. I want him to buy it.. baby wants him to buy it..Plus I just found out one of his cousins is getting it soon as well! I want him to practice his photography skills before the baby arrives :)

Sleepless In Muscat said...

And you're complaining about me not posting much on my blog? lol!


Muscati..I just thought you should know that there's a shop in Araimi that sells the iPod Mini...but I am not sure that it sells the shuffle..

This the shop that sells the software on the ground floor oppisite the escalator ..they sell the mini for 100 Rials...Try and check 'em never know..

ps: BUY the camera ALREADY...

muscati said...

Ali- dude you went off your blog for like a month. I've only been gone a week. Plus I had the Mrs posting while I was gone. I kept loading your blog day after day hoping for a new post. You know I'm not high tech and I don't have no RSS reader or whatever they're called.

I've been to the shop in Araimi the same day that I wanted to buy the Shuffle. They don't have it and they don't want to bring it. They tried to convince me to buy a Creative Zen Micro, which is a great little gizmo with more features than the Shuffle, and cheaper as well. But I was bent on buying a Shuffle. I'll probably get it in Dubai.

And what's up with the "Buy the camera ALREADY" business. I've already decided like a month ago to buy it. It's not like it's my choice to have it be out of stock. Anyhow, I was at Khimji's this morning and they convinced me to wait till the end of May for the newer version.

Hey, when are you gonna give me that Harold & Kumar DVD to watch?

Sleepless In Muscat said...

lol...ok...fine, fine...

as for the DVD....its not up to're the one who wants it. I asked you to call me the minute you're ready and free.

You wouldn't happen to have the A-TEAM season 1 and 2 on DVD do you?

muscati said...

Ali- just txt me next time you're going to Starbucks and I'll come by to take it from you. Sorry don't have A-Team. All my DVDs are listed online. The link's right there in this blog's side-bar.

Blue Chi said...

Did you actually buy the iPod Shuffle? It sucks, how can you just listen to shuffled songs all the time? You cannot create a playlist on that thing, you cannot skip to a specific track, you cannot even tell what song is gonna play next.

muscati said...

No, haven't bought it yet but I'm planning to when they get it back in stock.

I don't need playlists when there's only 250 songs in the damn thing as it is. In fact, even with my 40GB which has over 6000 songs I usually just shuffle at random without using playlists. I don't need to know what song's next, nor do I need to go to a specific song. The Shuffle's nice for when you're on a trip, or when you're working out. It's not for when you need access to all your music. For that, I have my regular iPod.