Saturday, April 16, 2005


My GSM bill for March came, and it's 8.752 rials only. It's my lowest bill ever.. and it includes two days of roaming when we were in Dubai too! Incredible

Thank you


M-Pac said...

ehhhh ok.... that just means you didn't use ur mobile much, maybe due to the price hike?

muscati said...

Didn't the price hike come towards the end of the month? My phone bill is usually around 15 rials, so I wouldn't use the phone less just because the rate's been increased.

OceanDream said...

I wish my bill would be that small.Even once. Ok not that small, I'll settle for it being double that amount :)

I remember Mux was so happy last month or was it the month before when my bill was 20 something :)

NaBHaN said...

oman mobile or nawras?

OceanDream said...

Oman Mobile.. Both of us

Kazablanka said...

If my bill was ever that low, I would throw a party or something.

Arabian Princess said...

Intresting Muscati :)

Maybe OmanMobile heared your threats to switch to nawras and thought of winning you as a customer :D

Libellula said...

Hey the same happened to me. My bill for March was only 9.300!! It was so weird. Usually it's at least 25-30. There must've been a mix up, but I'm happy. No lectures from daddy. :p said...

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