Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Al Manahil

Came home yesterday and found an email from Al Manahil Books saying that there's an parcel for me so I raced out again to catch them before they close. It's my first time availing this service and I must say I am extremely satisfied. They charged me 1 rial per book and refused to take anything for the DVD that was with them in the package because the books were quite heavy and the DVD itself wouldn't have added much to the weight of the package. I am definitely going to order my books through them from now on.

Maggie Jeans, who runs Al Manahil with her husband, Bill, asked me how I heard about their service. I was gonna start telling her that someone read my blog post in which I was complaining about books in Oman and told me about their service but decided to keep that story for another time. She was pleased to get a new customer and said that they provide this as a service to book readers in Oman. They supply text books and educational material to schools in Oman and get a weekly shipment from the UK. It doesn't cost them much to add other people's Amazon packages in their shipment so they do it at the token price of RO. 1 per book. If you order your books on Super Saver Delivery, then Amazon will deliver for free to Al Manahil's shipping agent in the UK, and the only additional cost you'll pay is the 1 rial per book. Not a bad deal. The only slight inconvenience to me was that Al Manahil's office closes at 4pm every day and they don't open on Thursday so for most of us it means either leaving work to go get the package from them or going quickly after work to catch them before they close.

I'll gladly advertise their service and recommend it to all of you. For details go to their website.