Monday, March 28, 2005

To be inspired

So we finally went to watch Ray yesterday at Shati. Jamie Fox was so good! That Oscar is definitely well earned. It was a really good movie, but towards the end I got a bit restless. Feels weird going into a movie at 530 and coming out after 8.

Whenever I watch a movie that’s based on a success story I immediately get inspired! I came out of Ray thinking I can play the piano and produce hit singles! When I left Million Dollar baby I thought I could probably win the featherweight championship belt in boxing! When I was really young, I saw a program on Nadia Comaneci and decided that my future lay in gymnastics!

Speaking of playing the piano, my dad plays real well, and since I’m the eldest the poor man always had high hopes of passing on his talent to me. I had my own piano teacher come home in addition to after school piano lessons with the music teacher. I didn’t get very far no matter how much I tried! I can play a bit, but its grade school stuff. So, when baba decided to pass on one of his other talents (drawing) to his kids, he ditched me and concentrated on my kid sister. Wise choice. She is so much better than any of us could have hoped to be. She has a teeny artistic streak. Made him happy :)

The one thing I got from my father is his love of reading. I am an absolute book worm. Oh and when I was young, all he read to me were famous political speeches by all the different leaders around the world. I knew them by heart!! Freaky childhood ha? Hehe.

I wonder what I’ll be reading to our baby…One thing I know for sure, I don’t have any talents that can be passed on! He/she will hopefully inherit those from somewhere else.


Lym said...

Well , My dad can draw and he hoped that I would follow his foot steps. I stop drawing when I entered my teen years.

A disappointment , I know.

I wish though , that I was able to play an instrument. :S

Lym said...
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Najah said...

subhan allah, it is so funny how people are different. My parent had no talent in anything, atleast my dad maybe with fish but otherwise nothing. I had so much interest in manythings but i failed to continue them because no one encouraged me. I guess the only thing my father did will on passing it to me is reading 50,000 newspaper a day!

Wardat_il'7leej said...

Nadia Comaneci- i saw that too and remember a little of it to this day.

My talent used to be drawing and sketching but i never kept it up, but i think it still reflects in my home through arrangement of things. Mum says i have the best kept and arranged room in the whole house lol

I miss me old purple room :(

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