Saturday, March 26, 2005

This and that

I was so bored at work today. Ohmygosh it was real bad!! I finished everything that was pending by 930. After that I worked on my house scrapbook (which contains cutouts of all these different interior decorating ideas for our future home..I'd like to add that Muscati says most of the stuff isn't feasible and needs a fortune to implement, meaning I won't be getting any of it!). After that I spoke to my husband who was equally bored so didn't really help much. One of my collegues was reading a book on how to raise a leader (she has real high hopes for her son. Her son is 3). Wasn't of much use to me since I don't have kids yet. All I read these days are books on fetal development and stages of labour!

ANYHOW...I got an email from a friend of mine in Glasgow who was telling me that she finally read our blog and loved it :) I was actually blushing.. She even mentioned all the different posts..She actually read the whole blog in one go! Ruthie if you are reading this I want you to know you made my day!!! Oh and everyone say congrats to Ruth she just became an aunt for the first time *waving at baby Nathan*.. I love the name Nathan...If it was Arabic I would have considered it for future babies!

I miss Glasgow. Its not exactly a pretty city, but we had a good time there. Everyone was so nice (probably cause they were drunk all the time, hehe). I miss Gap. Why don't they open a Gap in Oman!!! I miss Edinburgh.. I luuuuv Edinburgh! Its so beautiful..

This is probably the most boring post I have written, but, hope you understand, it has been a boring day! I hope to come back to you all tom with wit and humor :)


M-Pac said...

GAP is in Oman, there is a GAP factory somewhere in Rusayl

They export outside Oman. No items allowed to be sold here. So I've heard.

doesnt make any sense

Najah said...

my friend once told me she found some gap and old navy products in Sanaa (Sanna, the store in seeb and wadi kabir)...

Kazablanka said...

After I open a Burger King here in Oman, I'll consider opening a Gap, just for you :)

Sleepless In Muscat said...

Hey guys..

you've done some outstanding work with your blog, I must say! Keep it up!

And if you're interested about interior decorating I may know a few people who can help you out with that. Just let me know..


ps: I miss Glasgow too!!

Wardat_il'7leej said...

They have Gap in Burjuman but don’t get your hopes up it’s a has a very small section for women, a slightly larger one for kids and a even bigger collection for men :(

You can get stuff through hook-ups or blackmarket from the Omani factory loool (kidding) even though my friend did get somestuff since she works in the Commercial Dept.

mentioned maturity said...

hey OD! where have u been since the past few days? havent seen too much of you on the blog...:(
though muscati is very intersting, but OD if the fun measure!! ;)... pls blog everyday both of u! cant live without seeing an update here!

Lym said...

Why is everyone so bored today ? ]

I sleep when I am bored .. can you do that in work ? lol
Yeh , thats why I slep till 7 30 pm today . Yeh , I am officially on holidays.

How is there a Gap in Oman and it is not allowed to sell here ?
Maybe OD , you should consider starting a business , GAP.
One of your many future plans.


muscati said...

I have seriously been bored the past few days. I wrote quite a few things but decided to spare you their boringness and didn't post any of them on the blog. I decided to wait till I have something I want to write about or share before I actually post anything. Or if this state of boredom and lack of interest continues I might come back and post a couple of them. One of them was about the upcoming Dhofar Power IPO, and the other was about how much I hate Oman FM.

About Gap, they don't have a factory in Oman. But there's a factory in Oman that often gets orders from Gap. They get the order, Gap sends them the design and the material. The factory makes all the clothes and ships it all to Gap. Nothing gets kept behind so there's nothing to sell here. I've been to the factory. The same factory also makes clothes for Tommy Hilfiger, J.C. Penny and Perry Ellis. They make clothing for whoever gives them a contract.

There's a Gap store within a store in Dubai. I've been to the one in City Center. It's located directly above Zara at the food court end of the mall. That's not an official Gap shop. They sell Gap clothes that are last year's style. But for basic jeans and T's, it's a great place to go. It also has Banana Republic and a couple other brands too.

OceanDream said...

WOW! My boring post actually got a few replies! Hehe, you guys must be more bored that I am :)

Najah: Yeah my friends at work told me the same thing, so I went to Sana, but they sell Gap stuff thats been rejected (missing buttons, not so perfect stitches, etc). Sometimes you cant even notice the difference. But I miss the real Gap. I miss Gap during sale time actually!

Kaza: *mwa7* thanks

Ali: Thanks dude!

WAK: Is it in the new extension of Bur Juman? Cause I don't recall seeing one in the old one..

MM: *blush*

Lym: For the first three months of my pregnancy, I slept the entire time at work. In the library :) Shhhhh..Don't tell anyone!

Kazablanka said...

hahaha I sleep at work too but im not pregnant..

I have a room with a bed and an AC.. I SWEAR!

I havent slept there for a while though, I usualyl sleep for like 3 hours straight in ramadan cuz i get soo tired! yeah but dont tell anyone either..:p

Wardat_il'7leej said...

Yes sweet OD its in the new extention

Anonymous said...

Just to let you know that I'm so bored today.. Thought that your blog would cheer me up, and indeed it did..

Thanks.. now i've got to look for something else to do :s


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