Monday, March 28, 2005

So out of touch it ain't funny

I took a look at the Top 20 albums chart both in the UK and the US and couldn't recognize a single one of the new names. I went to a CD shop to buy some of this new music that I haven't heard and they didn't have a single one of them. But they have lots and lots of new copies of the new 50 Cents album. I like 50, but not enough to buy his albums. So I ended up with a bunch of older stuff like Korn Greatest Hits and Rage Against The Machine Live.. Slightly off topic: my iPod has been playing a lot of RATM lately which got me thinking what in the world happened to Zach de la Rocha? It's been close to 5 years since he split from Rage and still no solo album. I searched online and no one knows what Zach's up to- not even his fan club.

I'm so out of touch it ain't funny. But looking at the album release schedule for the next three months it looks like there's a new Bruce Springsteen album coming out end of April. There's also a new one from New Order. Oasis has a new album coming out in May. I haven't bought their last one but if the reviews are good I might change my mind. My most anticipated album of the year is the new one from Coldplay, coming in June. Can't wait for that one. And while browsing yesterday I found out that The White Stripes might have something out by summer.

Incidently, the New York Times had an interesting story about Guns 'n Roses the other day calling their work-in-progress album "the most expensive album never made." Total cost $13 million at last count.

If you want to browse the NYT site (or any other website which requires you to register) and don't want to register you should check out this really cool website: Bug Me Not. Just type the URL of the site you want to enter and Bug Me Not will give you a username and password if they have one for it.

And finally talking about websites, my favorite blog of the moment is The Impulsive Buy which has the funniest product reviews you'll ever read. Goes well with Consumer Whore, if only that site would get updated more often.


Masquerader said...

Everything you've mentioned in your post was more than news to me!

OceanDream said...

Ever since we've come back from Glasgow I have been feeling out of touch! I haven't downloaded anything to my iPOD since forever.. Ok, Muscati does the downloading for me, but he hasn't updated my iPOD in a while! Need new stuff! Bands have formed and split up that I have never heard of! Oh well..

I checked out The Impulsive Buy website. Its so cool! Anyone reading this should really take a look at it.

Anonymous said...

There is so much quality music out now that it ain't funny, especially if you like R&B and hip hip. There are a lot of releases to look out for in the second quarter. Here's a short list of albums that have been released relatively recently or that are dropping soon.

Mario-Turning Point
New Edition-One Love
Brian Mcknight-Gemini
Ashanti-Concrete Rose
Destiny's Child-Destiny Fulfilled
Joss Stone-Mind, Body and Soul
112-Pleasure and Pain (March 28. 2005)
Mariah Carey-The Emancipation of Mimi (April 4, 2005)
Frankie J-The One (March 22,2005)
Faith Evans-First Lady (April 5. 2005)
Bobby Valentino-(April 26, 2005)
Kanye West-Freshman Adjustment (March 21, 2005)
John Ledgend-Get Lifted (Jan 10, 2005)
Alicia Keys-Unplugged (Coming Soon)

I'm sure there are some more notable records dropping soon but that's all that I can think of at the moment.

Anonymous said...

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muscati said...

Oh man, Other than New Edition and Joss Stone, I am not a fan of any of the artists on the list Anonymous posted here. I don't mind some of them, but not to the point of buying their albums.

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