Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Seen today


I was at the tailor today dropping off some cloth to make new dishdashas when I saw this sign on the butchershop next door.


Kazablanka said...

you tailor your dishdasha's in ruwi muahahahaha

The sign says - due to the fact that the price of cows have increased in Salalah, from now on they will sell a kilo of meat for 2 O.R??

is the sign supposed to be funny??? did I so not get it? lol

Bahrania said...

oil, water, sand, and now the price of cows has gone up to!

The more important question to ask is, WHY have the price of cows gone up?
-either cows are in short supply, do u have mad cow disease in Salalah? (no i wasn't referring to your women ;)
-OR demand for cows has gone up significantly...hmmm is it all that qabooli you eat or something?

muscati said...

Kaza, actually this shops's in Khuwair. I found it to be funny. You might not. In fact maybe most people who see it will have your reaction. I'm weird that way :)

Anonymous said...

Yee bloody ha!

Where is this butcher shop exactly please. That is a bloody bargain. I have been going to the Sultan Centre and paying nearly OR 7 for a kilo of beef.

Is the beef actually edible or is it for makes soles for your shoes??


mentioned maturity said...

i think i see humour there too...;) how the shopkeeper feels the need to justify a hike in prices, and ofcourse no comments on the hideous justifiction provided!. quite satirical..... funny!!

Anonymous said...

why is it funny? at least he is explaining!

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