Tuesday, March 15, 2005


Bahraini blogs brought the news today that the Bahrainonline Trio have been released without bail. However, charges against them have not been dropped.

Meanwhile here in Oman, quite weirdly, the government itself decided to bring the Omani detainees to the forefront with the following statement from the Deputy Prime Minister:

His Highness Sayyid Fahd bin Mahmood al Said, Deputy Prime Minister for the Council of Ministers, has criticised the unjustifiable exaggeration of the issue of arrests which took place in the Sultanate recently. “There is nothing worthy of arousing the apprehension of any person or fears that improper action would be taken against anyone on this land,” said HH Sayyid Fahd. In a statement to the local media yesterday, HH Sayyid Fahd scotched the gossip, describing it as unwarranted. He pointed out that, “if it is proven that any of the detainees have not played a negative role in this country or (targeted) its potential or its citizens, such detainees would have no problem.”

“We do not consider the action to be the first of its kind in the world because it happens in any country,” said HH Sayyid Fahd, explaining that the detentions had nothing to do with terrorism or external parties. He said that some people committed mistakes and it is being checked why these mistakes happened. People should understand that this country comprises all Omanis and that it has its ambitions, its authentic infrastructure and that no one is allowed to negatively impact its capabilities, its stability or its future.”

Have these detainees been formally charged of any crime yet or are they still detained under investigation? It must have been two months already. As alarming as the Bahrain arrests have been, at least there was some semblance of due process. The people were charged, the news was reported in the press, the general public knew what was going, the detainees were offered bail, etc. It might be all bogus, but at least someone is trying to make it all look genuine.

But what do we have here with the detainees in Oman? The only news we can get about them is from omania.net (our version of bahrainonline.org). So I went searching there to find out what's the latest and it turned out that 4 of them were released on Monday. Good news, but still this whole shroud of mystery is a bit too much. So how many people are still in and what are they being accused of?


nomadica said...

I guess we'll never know unless we hear it through first-hand accounts of the people arrested or from their families and friends. Of course when you move away from the source, then it's like a lot of what we hear are just rumours. I'm wondering though, when similar arrests took place in '94, was there any more clarification in the media than there is at the moment? I can't seem to remember.

Wardat_il'7leej said...

No comment I am totally sick of that case

muscati said...

nomadica- I was in college in 94 so I wasn't around for any of it. But if I am not mistaken that time it involved a much larger group, of which a few were quite high ranking in the government- one was an undersecretary. And there were arms involved. This time, the Deputy PM himself has said it does not involve terrorism.

wardat_il'7aleej - why are you sick of the case, it's not like it's in the news every day?

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