Sunday, March 13, 2005

Muscati's confessions

Inspired by: Jowhara's 101 things about me.. , Natasha's confessions and Metal or Die's f#ck you.

1. I can tell my wife's mood from the first word she says, even if it's a text message.
2. I'm no good with kids and tend to talk with them in grown-up speak.
3. Despite that I can't wait to be a father.
4. I will never go into a movie theatre if the lights have already dimmed, even if the movie hasn't started.
5. I can never sleep in an airplane no matter how long the flight, unless I'm in a seat that reclines fully.
6. I stopped watching the news since 1997.
7. My ears turn bright red when I get mad or embarrassed.
8. I tend to trip a lot.
9. My biggest phobia is public embarrassment.
10. I tend to shuffle reading as many as 5 books at a time.
11. I wish I could read faster.
12. My voice gets really loud when I get excited and it scares a lot of people off.
13. I have a really horrible temper but I control it so well that a lot of people think that I'm too quiet and passive.
14. I can never remember the details of past events that upset me or fights that we've had.
15. I rarely ever remain upset more than a day.
16. I have to have at least one Diet Coke a day.
17. I can't stand London.
18. I think a lot of people think I'm an arrogant, cold-hearted S.O.B.
19. Most people don't get my sense of humor.
20. I think the world would be a much better place if more fathers would hug and kiss their children, and not just when they are kids.
21. I rarely ever dream in my sleep.
22. When I do, I have the weirdest most cinematic dreams and I'm rarely ever in them myself.
23. Political discussions bore the life out of me.
24. My politics are too far out for most Arabs.
25. Low expectations theory is a way of life for me. Always expect the least and hope to be pleasantly surprised. Much better than expecting the best outcome. You end up disappointed more often that way.
26. I cried when Oman's basic law (our constitution) was announced.
27. 7 years later I don't know what that was all about.
28. My next computer will most likely be a Mac, for the first time.
29. I believe all terrorists are cowards.
30. I love researching stuff and learning all about new topics, but I usually lose all interest once I'm done.
31. I am the worst conversationalist in the world ever.
32. It takes me forever to get comfortable with new people.
33. My hair's turning grey at an alarming rate.
34. I started using a face cream last year, though I'm not sure why.
35. I don't have a favorite toothpaste.. I keep two or three different kinds at all times.
36. My feet have the biggest arches ever, I have to buy shoes at least one size too big.
37. I hate McDonald's burgers.
38. I actually like BK's fries.
39. The year we spent in Glasgow was probably the best year of my life.
40. I love Diet Irn Bru, especially in the big bottles.
41. In one whole year we lived in Scotland, I never had fish & chips.. not even once.
42. I don't eat tomatos.
43. I don't drink milk or eat most dairy products... most white and cream colored foods.
44. Or most fruits, actually.

And now, the F#ck You section..

F#ck you:

1. Arab musicians, for being such whores.
2. Aramex, for charging twice as much to ship to Oman as you do to the UAE and Kuwait.
3. Arab journalists who get their pics taken when they interview stars and have them published in the articles. Nobody buys magazines to see the picture of the journalists.
4. Guy in the post office who steals my issues of RollingStone.
5. Metallica, now that I know what assholes you are after watching Metallica Some Kind of Monster.
6. BMW for making me tremble in fear everytime I take my car to service.
7. George Michael, will you please stop whining and retire already.
8. Al Waleed bin Talal, with all your billions you still can't dress worth a damn.
9. Roger Waters, for leaving Pink Floyd and your shitty shitty solo career.
10. George Bush, as if Afghanistan and Iraq weren't enough, now the weak dollar's killing us too.
11. Magazine distributors for the ridiculous prices of imported magazines.
12. Michael Jackson, regardless whether you're guilty or not.
13. Gulf Air for flying some of the oldest airplanes in the world.
14. Emirates, for having the rudest stewardesses ever in your economy sections.
15. Osama bin Laden and anyone who actually thinks he's a hero, f#ck you all.


Wardat_il'7leej said...

Someone is temperamental…R u an Aquarius? ;)

OceanDream said...

He is a virgo :)

Wardat_il'7leej said...

They are usually very patient... maybe we can compare notes my husband is a Virgo ;)

Blue Chi said...

That was seriously so funny. LOL, thanks for sharing!

Kazablanka said...

LOL you're hilarious!


I wanted to comment on everything u said cuz I have so much to say about every point but i figured u'd think I was weird.. which i am.. :p

Note: theres a lil temper trick that always works for me: "1. 2. 3. 4. Let the anger out the door." hehe

Lym said...

interesting analysis !

My favourite part was the f*ck you section !!

mentioned maturity said...

i think ive finally had enuf of being a voyeur on this blog. u guys r my favorites, infact i think i visit ur blog more than my own!! and u guys rock!
ofcourse i got interested in ur blog cause i am a Dubai-ite, by birth and sum parts of ur blog make the insecure me feel good!(devil !) but beyond that, this is entertainment unlimited.... u guys r the best! pls keep it coming!

Masquerader said...

This blog was amusing and witty. Keep it going muscati and let's hear what your wife has to say too. Are you two really a married couple? Adopt me and I will babysit your unborn child and that way you don't need to worry about housemaids/nanny.

Do you two have a pic together? yalla post a blurry one for starters.

OceanDream said...

Masquerader: Yeps we really are married.. I iz the wife in the Muscati & Wife :) As for posting pictures of ourselves, maybe not ;)

M-Pac said...

Yikes..... :S

feel better? lol

Najah said...

you reallly do sound tempermental from the way you write :D

illogicist said...

13. I have a really horrible temper but I control it so well that a lot of people think that I'm too quiet and passive.

Thats not you, thats me!

Anonymous said...

Okay this has to be said, I LOVE YOU GUYS!

And F*** you both for being such a cute couple.. I am so jelous!!

Okay Okay, I'm really happy for you two for becoming parents soon...

OD: are you going to throw a baby shower party?


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