Monday, March 07, 2005

Maternity post that turns philosophical

None of my clothes fit. Just like that! 2 weeks ago I could still wear my fave jeans. Now they won't even button up. Naturally, I became depressed. So I looked and I looked for maternity shops. Surprise surprise!! There aren't any in Muscat!! Solution? Off to dubai again! Armed with my list of maternity shops in Dubai, Mux and his credit cards, I made my way there. I found heaven in "Great Expectations" & " Jenny Rose." Yes.. Clothes that look good and fit just right. Nice things that i would buy even if I wasn't pregnant. Aaaah, I'm a happy woman now.

(NB: Maternity clothes are not cheap)

So how come we don't have any maternity shops here? I heard there was one in City Centre a while back but it closed down. Someone told me to go to Mothercare's maternity section. Umm, I don't even want to comment on what I found there.

Anyhow, during lunch I get this brilliant idea that I should open a maternity shop in Muscat. With just a few words, my husband informed me that my project was doomed to fail. So much for optimism ha? Why will it flop I ask. Because people here will not that much money for funky maternity wear, came the answer. Women here go and make their own maternity clothes. SO NOT TRUE, I say. All the pregnant women I know have bought clothes from the same shops I went to in Dubai. People who can afford it don't shop in Oman, he said.

I thought about it.. He is right. Its so sad but its true. I don't know why that is. I know for a fact that I wouldn't have gone to Dubai if what I wanted could be found in Muscat.

If Gucci or LV opened a shop here, it would most likey close down within a few months. Why? Because, for one, most Omanis can't afford to pay RO200 for a bag, and second, those who can would rather buy that bag from London or Paris when they go on vacation.

Hanayen are opening a branch in Muscat City Centre soon, do you think they will be as big a hit here as they are in Dubai? Many many Omani women make their Abayas in Hanayen in Dubai for a minimum cost of about DH800. Will they pay RO80 for one here? Or will we come up with more excuses of why the Dubai branch is better? Is it posher to buy the same things from another country? Does it give us a false "better than thou" feeling?


Kazablanka said...

ohh so you guys didnt update your blog cuz you were in the emirates shopping for maternity clothes! AWESOMENESS! :p

I love going into Jenny Rose, they have the cutest things. I love pregnancy clothes.. they are sooooo cute.. hey show us pictures of the things u bought :p

Not only are there NOT any maternity shops in Muscat, but they dont have any shops that sell fancy clothes, I mean clothes for weddings and stuff.. they have like a shop or two in city center but TFU!!! whats that gonna do.. my sisters wedding is in the summer and I havent even started looking for a dress!! and i cant even go to the emirates cuz i cant take days off work cuz then they'll fire me.. i swear my boss is like prolly lookin for anything just to fire me! so yeah!!

PS: I soo can not afford a RO200 bag

*insert crying face*

OceanDream said...

Awwww.. When I win the lottery, I'll get ya a RO 200 rial bag.. If Gucci opens in Oman :)

As for clothes for weddings, you have to stitch. Just find the right material and I'll give ya the name of a really good tailor who has reasonable prices and does amazing work!!

Kazablanka said...

I hate stitching clothes, I only stitch my abayahs, i mean, what if i stitch and it comes out all wrong or not the way i expected it to be.. THEN WHAT?

plus I dont even have anything in mind. I'm so frustrated right now.


by the way, I'm inviting you to my sisters wedding!!!! so you better stitch something to wear!!! :)

Najah said...

Sorry but am one of those sad omanies that cant afford the bag as well, not in oman nor somewhere else. Anyhow, about the maternity cloths I totally agree with you and what mux said (most of them stich :p)

Kaza!! you didn't invite me :s and you will have to stich in oman, where will you find a ready made cloth!

Kazablanka said...

hey its ok naj, I'm a sad libyan that cant afford a bag like that but hey lets jusst keep our fingers crossed that oceandream wins the lottery!!

girl, I wanted to invite you personally when u come back to OMAN! :p

OceanDream said...

By the time your sister gets married I'll be so fat I wouldn't want to show up at a wedding! The only thing that'll fit would be a tent :)

I hate going tailors as well, hence the way I went across the border looking for maternity clothes. It is frustrating when a dress you are making comes out wrong, but, what else can you do? Just bite the bullet and go for it.Inshallah it'll come out fine!! If it was my sister's wedding was coming up this summer my dress would have been sitting in my closet by now!! I'm so anal about preparing! Nothing last minute here :)

Note to self: 1 bag for myself, 1 for Kaza and one for Najah after I win the lottery.

Kazablanka said...

YOU HAVE TO COME! if you dont i wont visit your blog no more :p

They sell these really cool tents in Ruwi, so you'll prolly find something nice there :)

you are soo generous mashallah, your gonna like split it equally among us? I thought you would be like 2 bags for me, 1 bag kaza and najah share!!

Wardat_il'7leej said...

Hey hey whats this about free bags and ba3ad a brand name! I was gonna write a blog about that ‘ brand names’ and how women are so obsessed about it. Ohh well….

Kaza- better get stitching or else come sister’s wedding day you will be standing n*** again announcing to the world that your only triumph was a guest book ha ha ha I can see it now…. Kaza half na*** “But I have a guest book on my blog” being stared at and given dirty looks.

Naj- join the club…I think 200RO would simply be too much for a bag that would probably get out of fashion, but I confess I LOVE BRAND NAMES, but I do have a reasonable side.

OC – I need a share of the cut lets say 30-70…and I am being generous

Najah said...

hahahaha KAza you are kharboota for real. I loved your equation.

Wardaa, and who doesnt love brand names.. aaah i wish and i wish if i can but no i dont wish i can.

MAskeena OC, too much people to think for now.

Arabian Princess said...

Intresting OD .. the thought crossed my cousin when she was pregnant too and to her it seemed it would work .. but i guess its over now that she has a baby in her hand .. she would think more of a baby clothes shop :p

Well, I hate the facts that people dont like to buy from Oman.. I mean personaly, I would think 100 times before going to dubai to buy a thing .. I think 10 times before going to ruwi/mazoon what about across borders!!!
People claim that dubai/abudhabi is cheeper, which is totally not true .. I gave my mom some money to get me jalabiya's from there and guess what?? 2 of them costed around 80 rials!! how is that cheeper?! I could do it in Oman!! I decided to free my mind from the thought the AD is cheeper and start making everything in Oman ..

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