Monday, March 14, 2005

Less than 100 things about me

So my husband sends me a text at work and tells me how much fun he is having writing the stuff he knows about himself and suggests I do the same. Being the ever so obedient wife that I am, I immediately get down to it. He was right, it was fun. In fact I think every blogger should have a similar post on their blog! Thanks to bloggers who came up with the idea originally!

So here it is, 45 things about me:

1. I'm 29 years old
2. I'm pregnant and married (not in that order)
3. i luuuv ice cream
4. I don't enjoy my job but can't get another one at the moment (I think my belly is a turn off for many).
5. I have straight hair which I try, every week, to curl or wave. Been failing.
6. Every time I see a Lexus RX330 I think its a sign from God that I should buy one.
7. It doesn't take much to make me cry.
8. My new year's resolution was to be stronger and not cry as easily. Been failing.. Again.. But still have hope, its only March!
9. This year I will learn to park my car (both in reverse and parallel).
10. I'm right handed.
11. I love my husband very very much but decided to put this comment here because it would appear too corny if I placed it as #1.
12. I'm very corny.
13. My fave flowers are white roses, daisies and lillies (hint hint).
14. I think Jennifer Aniston is crazy and outta her mind to not want to have Brad Pitt's kids!!
15. I used to want to be a diplomat and work for the UN when I was younger.
16. I also wanted to be an air hostess.
17. I'm actually a marine ecology specialist.
18. I want to quit one day and concentrate on my charity work (perhaps when my husband becomes an AGM).
19. I really do believe that I will, one day, win one of those massive bonanza prizes given away by banks.
20. I love mangos.
21.My fave cities in the world are Kuala Lumpur, Paris and Barcelona.
22. Everyone thinks its time I changed my mobile phone. My kid sister is threatening to smash it to pieces.
23. I have small feet. Shopping for shoes in the Far East is heaven.
24. I don't eat mushrooms. Ever. when I was young, I believed evil humans kicked innocent smurfs from their homes in order to use them (the homes) as toppings on their pizzas.
25. I stopped wearing brown over 2 years ago.
26. I'm considered the nerd of our house.
27. I like Japanese products. I use Kanebo and Shiseido on my face.
28. I find the way my husband researches everything under the sun to be very very cute.
29. I started eating fish last year. My father in law made me.
30. I'm considered stubborn.
31. Loud voices scare me.
32. I'm not the greatest judge of character.
33. I love airports. Except Seeb International Airport which I find to be a huge embarrassment.
34. I worship the ground my nieces walk on (all 4 of them).
35. I like British humor.
36. I hate British weather.
37. I'm very good at organizing events/parties/dinners etc..
38. I have selective memory. Or so HE says.
39. I'm scared of needles.
40. I love the colors purple and blue. I don't like red.
41. I don't have any red clothes.
42. I collect Hard Rock Cafe t-shirts. We visit the HRC in every country we go to.
43. I have never used my credit cards. This greatly pleases my husband.
44. I can't whistle.
45. I won't be attending Kaza's sister's wedding because by then I will be extremely fat and no dress could possibly look good on me!!

Ummm, I don't have a F#*# you part. Asti7ee :)


Masquerader said...

Cool stuff. Right after I suggested in my head that you should do the same, I see a hilarious list about you. You sound adorably cute. Are you sure you're 29? or did you miss the "." between the 2 and 9.

Happy Pregnancy! pregnant and married (not in that order) ha ha! nice one.

M-Pac said...

OD & muscati

Ok that's it, I have to write a list about me.

Keep it coming :)

Najah said...

hahahah this is sooooo cuteei agree with Masq(I cant spell ur nick!!)...

Kaza will love the last one..

Wardat_il'7leej said...

Kaza will actually kill her for the last comment lol :)

Cute, sweet and bubbley entry OD

Lym said...

Nice to read lol

I imagine you to be the cute quiet sweet lady who cant harm a fly ..!

I love your baby already .by the way ! :)

OceanDream said...

Hehe, well, I had fun writing this, so I'm glad to hear you all enjoyed reading it :)

Lym: Ohmygosh, I am anything BUT quiet! I'm sure muscati will laugh his head off when he reads this. I'm only quiet when I'm upset. Some people yell and scream when they are angry, I just go quiet. Which is why Mux worries if I'm quiet for more than 10 minutes, he immediately assumes something is bothering me. He is usually right.

I'm waiting for all of you to start working on your lists!! *high five* to Maquerader who has her list already!

Kazablanka said...

*Please give me a second to laugh this off*


this is so cute.. I so cannot whistle either, i love ice cream, i soo need to get a new phone..and I'm SOOOO scared of needles. (I cry!!!)

I can relate to so much of what u said.. hahaha we is so cool =D

I am so honered to have my name mentioned. And I'm so not gonna forgive you if you dont come to my sisters wedding. I so do not care how fat you are. Fat people are cool =D

Anonymous said...

Ocean, If I were:
A. 7 years older
B. A Man
C. You single

I would have married you :D You're simply amazing..

Err.. does that make me sound like a lesbo?


OceanDream said...


Thank you :) This blog is good for my ego, hehe..

Now pardon me while I go tell Muscati how lucky he is :)

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