Thursday, March 10, 2005

I want it right now now

All of a sudden sometime last week, my brain decided that I need a digital SLR camera like right now now. I tried to be rational about it. I bounced it off in my head a few times and decided to buy a Canon EOS 300D. It's "relatively" affordable compared to other DSLRs plus I already have a regular Canon EOS 300 so I can share lenses, etc. it's the biggest selling DSLR at the moment, Canon's been selling about 100,000 of them a month for the past year. One nagging problem: late last month Canon announced that they're coming out with a newer version, the 350D which has 8 mega pixels, better quality electronics, smaller size, faster start up speeds, and a lot more, all at the same price of the 300D. Great news, but how long will it take for it to get to this side of the world? After all, I want a camera right this moment.

The waiting wasn't doing me any good. My dreams got bigger and my brain decided that what I really need is a Nikon D70. I was actually stupid enough to contemplate this thought and went to Khimji's to check the price. The mother****er costs like 520 rials!! I don't care what kind of signals my brain's sending, ain't no way I'm spending that much money on a camera. But then it started playing tricks and using all its powers to convince me that the price is reasonable. With the baby on the way you'd think it would tell me that I should save every penny, right? Instead it's telling me that I need a better camera so I can take better baby pictures. I swear to God it must be the same kind of signal that a heroin addict gets when he's craving a fix. (I guess it's also how a woman feels when she sees that super-expensive bag that she really really has to have). Stupid brain.. never been much use to me.

So I decided to do look around online. Maybe I can get a good deal online and have something shipped over. While looking at Nikon and Canon prices I found a Pentax DSLR called *ist DS which is quite comparable. I have no idea how to pronounce the name, but the specs are good. The reviews are excellent. And the price is lower than both the Canon and the Nikon (most online stores sell it for about $899). I thought I struck gold. I know the people here who have the Pentax agency. I was so sure they'll give me a sweet deal. Went in the other day, they told me they don't keep expensive cameras in stock so they'll inquire from Pentax and get me a price. They called this morning sounding quite happy with themselves offering it to me at a special price of 505 rials (that's $1300!!). I almost choked on my Diet Coke.

Back to square one. I ask the Canon dealer here how long will it take to get the 350D and they say it should be 3 months. Then they try to sell me a more professional model, the EOS 20D, which I would probably wouldn't even know how to use, at a special price. The body alone without a lens will be around 600 rials. Do I have a tatoo saying SUCKER on my forehead or something?


M-Pac said...

Your mind can play many tricks on you! lol :)

muscati said...

Why must life be so difficult?

OceanDream said...

I think you should just go ahead and buy the camera!! I keep telling him this in real life but it hasn't worked yet, so I thought maybe he'd listen if I post it online :)

I think you should wait for the 350D or whatever the newer version of the Cannon is called before making your final decision.

If kha6rak fi shai, go for it la!

Kazablanka said...

listen to your wifey :p

nibaq said...

My cameras are a Canon F1 (second gen) and Minolta X570 and my only digital is a Nikon 995.

I am also thinking of making switch to Digital SLR in order to save in film costs. Developing slides is a real killer, but I dont think I will go the SLR route. Thinking of getting a decent camera like the Sony F828 or one of the Nikons. That way I wont feel as guilty when a new model comes out with better options.

I suggest you check out this guy:

Has some good articles on what to look for in a camera, and my favorite:

Film vs Digital

I think the best way someone describe it
"A digital cameras life is measured in months, a film camera is measured in years"

Mahmood Al-Yousif said...

Don't worry about rationalising it too much, I've got the 20D and I quite simply cannot live without it. The colours, the features and the beatiful pictures it helped me take speak for themselves.

I bought the "kit" version which contains the body and the 18-55mm lens in Bahrain for BD 716. The price is $300 more expansive than the States, the the upside is that (1) it's immediately available, picked it up in the afternoon, (2) when you add shipping, insurance and customs you only save about $100 at most, and (3) I'm a VERY impulsive buyer, whether that is a book or a car, I don't give a damn. Once my mind is made up, nothing would stop me from getting it!

But have a look at my Flickr account where quite a lot of pictures are taken with the 20D and judge for yourself.

I've always been an analogue Nikon man, but once I got the 20D, I doubt I will ever lift any analog (or a different digital one for that matter) camera again.

Masquerader said...

I've been told that it's pointless having more than 6 mega pixels. Awain no point having higher resolution than that. What do you intend to use the camera for?

muscati said...

nibaq - the price difference between a Sony F828 and a Canon D-SLR is small and that's one of the main reasons I decided to go for the D-SLR, otherwise I would have gone for a Nikon 8800 or the Sony.

masquerader - I know that it's quite pointless going beyond 6mp. In fact the comparison on between the 6.1mp Nikon and the 8mp Canon concluded that the Nikon was better. But then again the Nikon is $300 more expensive too. Over the past year and a half I've been taking hundreds of pictures and I now get frustrated more and more with the limitations of using a point and shoot camera. I need more manual controls. I can buy a more expensive point and shoot that has manual controls, but if I'm gonna go into that price range, might as well go for a Digital SLR.

Aun Raza said...

Nikon D70 compared to the Rebel XT is better, make sure you feel the two and then decide. I personally prefer the Canon's and have decided to go with the EOS 20d. The only difference between the D70 and the D70s from what I've read is a bigger LCD screen and a wired remote control - pssh! There are rumors of the D90 which is supposed to compete with the 20d. Anwyays, I decided to go for the 20d after doing much research - here's my take on it.