Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Going Klepto at City Centre

On the subject of City Centre, a few weeks ago we were at Mother Care doing some baby shopping. After we finished paying, the lady at the counter went and opened the packing of all the clothes that we had bought and took out security tags from inside them. These were in addition to the security tags which were visible outside. I was surprised by this added security. Shoplifters? I asked, and she said "too many".

This past weekend we were at Promod, and the clothes had double tags too. One on the outside, and another inside. I asked the lady how come, and she said they have a huge problem with shoplifters. She said they have no idea how people do it, but at the end of the day they find some discarded tags in the store, usually in the changing rooms.

I remember a few years back when Starbucks opened their first cafe in Oman - curiously also in City Centre- I was surprised that they were serving their coffee in paper cups even when you're sitting in the store. I didn't ask why, but then a few days later I read on Oman Forum that reason was because they lost too many cups in their first week. Apparently people took the Starbucks mugs home with them.

I haven't felt this myself, but do you ever get the urge to nick stuff when you're in City Centre?


Najah said...

This is SAD! its been a while but i remember once i saw a kid sliping two apples from Carefurr(i dont know how to spell it), he ate one and took one in his pocket.

Kazablanka said...

I dont know if this is considered stealing/shoplifing, but I always pick a grape or two and eat it or a nut from the nuts section and eat it..

Am I a theif?

hey does breaking something or squashing an egg.. and running so no one would ever find out it was me, make me a bad person?? lol

muscati said...

Apparently shoplifting is a much bigger problem in Oman than I ever thought of.

Yesterday we were buying a gift at Mother Care in Qurum and the alarm went off as we were leaving the store. Apparently there was a hidden tag that they hadn't gotten to. I asked the salesguy there how many tags do you put on an item? he said during sale times as many as 5! He said that last year Mothercare/Next/BHS lost around 1000 items to shoplifters in the Qurum shop alone!