Thursday, March 17, 2005

Expecting a mob?

After a very long wait, Oman finally has a second mobile phone operator. Nawras Telecom launched yesterday. I went by to their main stores to check out what's on offer, but here's what I saw.

Why does Nawras require 4 security guards at the entrance of their flagship store at Al Araimi? Looks quite imposing and off-putting to me.


OceanDream said...

Ok this has nothing to do with the post, but the Nawras colors are really funky ha? :)

Najah said...

i'm not actually there to really visit it but somehow i like it, for a reason when i fisrt saw it, it reminded me with Cingular here. How was their services, u like it, u hated it? i mean beside those securities :D.

Arabian Princess said...

Maybe they are scared of Omantel :D

OD I dont like thier colors :s lots of colors in one logo!

Anonymous said...

AP, like as if Oman Mobile's logo is great with that flashy green and orange :rolleyes:. I'm still not changing my phone line to their network!


nomadica said...

That's pretty weird having 4 security guys, and as usual they're just standing there looking totally bored and useless. I agree, they look quite unwelcoming and totally ridiculous considering there are just a handful of people wandering about inside! Curious to know though, were their services impressive?

muscati said...

I love Nawras' logo. I don't think it's too colorful. In fact doesn't it have just two colors? (shades of blue, plus a bit of gold). I think Nawras is doing a brilliant job with their branding. When it comes to just logo and branding Oman Mobile is no comparison to them. Oman Mobile has one of the ugliest logos in the world, not just Oman. It's so sad that a huge company like them wasn't bothered with hiring a top quality branding consultant to design a logo and instead gave it to a local company that was way out of its league. I hope that Oman Mobile realize that and change their logo. They've already changed their advertising company and the quality of their ads has improved in the past couple months.

Will I switch to Nawras? I still don't feel why I should.

Kazablanka said...

The logo is nice, so are the colors. Its the name that is not "oh so very nice". Nawras sounds so girly.

Anyway, I really wouldnt have minded the 4 security guards if they were cute. Butt hese guys, damn.. they are ugly so I do mind!!! hehe

by the way, is there any chance you two were at sultan center yesterday? cuz i saw this married couple that looked exactly like you two!.. well exactly the way i imagine you guys to look :)

OceanDream said...

Nopes, we were in City Centre though :)

Anonymous said...

looks like you two got yourselves a stalker hahahaha next blog the restraining order hahahha

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