Monday, February 14, 2005

Yesterday's missing post

Christine Terres walked 230km in a week for charity and the total donation pledges didn't even reach 5000 rials?! I can't begin to describe my disappointment with the people in this town.

Oman Mobile finally introduced its new billing system for pre-paid cards today. From now on there will be a unified card for top-up. No more separate top-ups for talk and text.

Nawras Telecom, which still hasn't even launched its GSM services, has already began firing some of the staff they hired back in November and December. Apparently they weren't performing at the required level. Talk about a competitive environment! Imagine you're one of the people being laid off. What do you do? Go back to your old workplace with your tail between your legs, give a nervous chuckle and ask for your old job back?

In today's Al Shabiba a journalist wrote about a play he saw this past weekend. His article devoted one column to the play itself and three to the fact there was no press list at the door so he wasn't allowed entry, and then when he was finally let in he was asked to sit in the second class section, which is apparently unbecoming to a journalist. Are we ever going to have real journalists in this town?

Mercedes sold 3000 cars in Dubai alone last year and while total sales for all of Saudi Arabia were 1750 vehicles. The S class was the biggest selling model with 25% of sales. Quite incredibly, 170 of the super expensive Maybach limousines were sold and 30 SLR McLarens at a price tag of about half a million dollars each.

I still can't find a name for this blog. I'm trying out a new name but the Mrs hates it. The title at the top remains temporary.