Monday, February 07, 2005

Sohar to Shatti for Sumatra

Christine Terres's "Sohar to Shatti for Sumatra" walk is a 210km solo walk from Sohar roundabout (the one with the globe) to Shatti Al Qurum to raise funds for Unicef to aid children displaced by the tsunami in Sumatra, Indonesia.

She began on Thursday Feb 3 and she's already reached Barka roundabout yesterday evening having covered 149km in four days. She's averaging about 37km a day. At this pace she should be at Shatti tomorrow evening though the walk is officially supposed to end Thursday morning 10am at the Jawharat A'Shatti complex. I think most of the daily papers are carrying this story- I read her daily updates in the Times of Oman.

It's a great cause, and it's a tremendous effort from Christine. If you want to make a pledge or a donation to support her walk you can contact her husband Rick Terres on 99459181.


Kay said...

you r missing a digit on the gsm #... 8 digits remember? u got the 99 part right... but u missed a # must be a typo though...

muscati said...

Number fixed. Sorry, I missed the last digit.

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