Sunday, February 13, 2005

Scary finger

scary fingers

OIB has this poster all over Oman. It's everywhere. You cannot escape it.

Am I the only who finds this pointy finger scary?


Jewaira said...

Reminds me of the Lottery campaign in England a few years back.

Wardat_il'7leej said...

You want to know whats freaky....having someone ask "Is that you on the poster?"

muscati said...

So is it you on the poster? :)

Devilish said...
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Devilish said...

The softness of her facial expression doesn’t match with the Toughness of her fist. am not sure what the ad brief was from client, nor what was running through the mind of the creative ! ummmm maybe the soft face is the usual female usage to attract attention to the ad, while the tough fist is a message to BankMuscat, OIB usual rival, “Watch out ! We r coming to get u !!” loooool

shwarmacorner said...

Muscati you rock. I was just commenting the same thing to my friends the other day. I'm glad someone else noticed this. The ad is rather aggressive, almost rude, and does little to attract me to OIB.

Isn't finger pointing quite un-Omani?


OceanDream said...

Its a very very scary finger!! But, I gotta admit, despite all that, I still went to OIB and got forms to open an account there, hehe. It wasn't her finger though, it was all the majic numbers in the ad :)

muscati said...

Have you seen the other ads in the campaign? They're all much softer and include friendly faces all pointing much softer fingers. This ad doesn't seem to fit, not even with the rest of the campaign. But it looks like OIB's management is really proud of this campaign. It's the first time they ever have such a massive campaign.

Balqis said...

How do i win???

Wardat_il'7leej said...

The other ads for OIB you mentioned seem to have a softer touch this women seems to have been forced to take the picture and pose for the ad. There is no facial expression that comes to mind except for stern!

Note: no it isn’t me in the pic loool

P4L said...

Most of the people said that they have emphasized the finger too much; I think they weren’t wearing their glasses wile developing the poster.

Anonymous said...

Crikey you are right, it looks like a blokes hand for sure, then you notice the henna!

Poor woman, she must have the piss taken out of her something rotten.

It doesn't give me any good vibes that is for sure.

Very 'Uncle Sam-ish'

Anonymous said...

Hahaha. It looks like "YOU, are the criminal, and I want YOU"

Anonymous said...

poor almost non-existent facial expression.. and yes the finger is entirely out of order.. and as a matter of fact, it does look like a bloke's finger.

Anonymous said...

I dont see anything wrong with that finger. Thats a marketing ploy, to get the piture in your mind. It work seemed to work. Even one of the posters said he went to open an account.

Kazablanka said...

LOL @ wardah.. you know she does look like you hahahaha.. you know what sucks.. I used to get stopped in the street from people, asking me if i do the advertisments for Omantel! you know that girl that wears a blue scarf and is in ever magazine/newspaper, the ones that just stands there like a retard where it says that the numbers will be changed.. yeah that girl, ppl say i look like her and its like WTF!

Anonymous said...

wasn't this ad originally used for bank muscat?

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
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