Monday, February 28, 2005

Movie theatre etiquette

Why don't people put their phone on silent when they are in a movie theatre?

And if their phone is not on silent and happens to ring, why don't they immediately mute it or press the end call button (you know.. the red one with the drawing of a little phone on it), instead of letting it ring forever?

AND, why oh why do some people pick up the phone, proceed to tell the person on the other line that : " I'm at the movies, can't speak right now, oh yeah its not so bad, will tell you about it when I leave.. Hehe.. Yeah.. Aha.. ok.. No problem...Bye bye bye ..Can't talk.."



muscati said...

IT's because they're idiots.

My question is:

How come people can't wait to leave the theatre? Whenever I go to the movies there are always a bunch of people who start to leave the minute they think the movie's about to end. Sometimes they start to leave and turns out the movie hasn't ended so they have to hang around in the aisles. Why can't they just wait till the movie actually ends and the credits start to roll?

It's not because they're in a hurry, after all they did set aside the two or three hours for the movie, and leaving a minute early won't make a difference. It's not because they're worried about all the cars in the parking lot, because it happens even when the movie's not so packed. Can it because they all have weak bladders and want to get to the toilets before all the stalls get taken?

Shalloola said...

My favorites are those that make "Movie Critic" comments with their friends. They tend to comment on the lines in the script, the scenery, the acting, the actor.....or just repeat the same line that was heard. (nearly every aspect) Brilliance and mind blowing wit (insert sarcasm). And yes, the cell phone retards are the creme de la creme.

Kazablanka said...

Maybe they want to show off that they have cell phones :)

I have a weak bladder, so dont hate on weak bladder people lol

Preternatural_aL said...

coz their technology intelligence is limited to "answer",though they have fancy phones,their remain unaware of the "end" button is at this point our duty as responsible citizens to stand up and ask them to "shuddup".

Wardat_il'7leej said...

There are some and I can say a very broad generalization of people who simply do not know how to silence their phones. They run around with expensive phones, yet they know nothing of the features and functions.
I must admit that I have been guilty of a ringing phone, but that was cuz I simply forgot to turn it to silent which I always do when going to a meeting, presentation or movie etc.
Another thing, which was mentioned, are those who get up a few min. before the end of the movie, there are those who kick the living day light out of you and those not so innocent ‘talkers’ that have to discuss and analyze every aspect of a movie with the one next to them. I have a cousin who is guilty of the later and I shh her up telling her that I am missing parts of the movie by talking to her…yet a few min. later she is back asking and talking (drives me up the wall)

Petite For Life said...

99% of the time my phone is on silent, a habit that I developed.

illogicist said...

To be fair, I only remember to turn off my phone when you have that nokia 8210 that says 'Sunsigh' on it appears.

But Ive seen worse, when it comes to talking. Once (I think it was LOTR) some guy proceeded to narrate to the guy on the other end of the line everything that was happening in the movie for at least 10-15 minutes. Whats wrong with these people?? said...

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