Sunday, February 27, 2005

Housekeeper Dilemma

I need to find a nanny/housekeeper before our baby makes a grand enterance. I stress on the word need because I'll be going back to work after the birth. Well, not immediately after, but, you catch my drift.. I have never had permenant help before, but everyone says finding one takes ages, and finding the right one usually never happens! Anyhow, not one to let other people's pessimism get me down, I have decided to make this March, the month when I find a housekeeper. That way I have a few months to teach her all I need before my delivery time. One problem. Apparently each nationality has its ups and downs (salary, attitude, vacation-time, etc). Mux and I were thinking of hiring a Phillipino. Mom says Indonesians are better. Some of my collegues only praise Indian housekeepers.


What to do!!! Toss a coin?


Wardat_il'7leej said...

It would really depend, but with my friends experience and stories I do not envy your position right now. Looking for a housemaid is one hell of a nightmare, yet you seem to be on the right track of looking for one in advance. When are you expected to deliver?

Kazablanka said...

say NO to housemaids!!!!!!


I hate them.. no dont get one OK??.. if you are like desperate.. i wouldnt mind babysitting your baby and for FREE.. just dont hire someone you dont know.. oh wait.. you dont know me, but thats ok.. cuz im cool and you can rest assured that i wont harm your baby.. unlike other hosuemaids.

I've heard sooo many stories.. im not trying to freak you out.. but please dont :(

OceanDream said...

Wardat_il'7aleej: I'm expecting any time between end of june to beginning of July.

kazablanka: Like I wasn't freaked out enough! Luckily, I don't live alone. We stay at my inlaws', and we'll be here for atleast another year until we finish building our house. So, baby would never be alone with the housekeeper. And if for some reason no one is at home here, I can always drop the baby and nanny to my sister's house on my way to work.

Kazablanka said...

why do you need a hosuekeeper if you live with your in laws? cant they take care of the baby?

you can drop the baby at my house if you want :)

OceanDream said...

Awww 7aram, it wouldn't be fair to just dump the baby on them. I know they wouldn't complain, but I can't expect them to do everything...

Dropping baby at Kazablanka's place? Hmmmmm.. Nah! You work somewhere where people get arrested, what if you are wanted ;)

Kazablanka said...


I work at a sharee3ah institute.. you made it sound like i work at a night club or something lol

oh no! what if i am wanted!!!! you're freaking me out now.. just cuz i freaked u out doesnt mean u have to get me back :p

Masquerader said...

From personal and family's encounter with housemaids:

1. Philipinos can be the best or the worst. It really depends on your luck. I know a few of them who loved the kids they babysitted to death and some hated them so much causing the child's demise. Basically, some would take care of them as if the child is their very own and some have done nasty things. My friend's sister (who was 2) was fed rat poison instead of Nido milk and she claimed that she didn't realize that she did that. Another one was caught on camera, yeah, I said "camera". Some parents are pretty advanced and they saw how the maid totally ignored the poor 6 month old baby and rocking her as if the baby was on a galloping horse. I don't mean to freak you out but sometimes they appearances are very deceiving.

2. Indonesians? I've heard a lot of crazy stories about them having sexual affairs etc. Besides, aren't their wages typically higher than others?

3. The best by far are Indians BUT be sure to select a Christian Indian, the Catholic ones are well mannered, self-educated and very civil. They are the easierst to communicate with and hard-working. Pick the ones from Goa or Manglore, they're clean inside and out.

Of course, the above conclusions are only to the best of my knowledge and experience. Be sure to go through an interview process where you can meet them and assess them in person.

Good luck nanny-hunting!

OceanDream said...

Wow Masquerader, everything you said is exactly what I have been told..Almost to the dot! I guess this is one of those situations where you just have to take a chance.

There is this office in MQ, same road as the British Council thats known to be quite good (for finding a housekeeper). I think I'll go there first.

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