Friday, February 04, 2005

ESO Launch

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Clean up at Wadi Al Ansab. Thursday, February 3, 2005.


Anonymous said...

Well done all of you who turned up.

It is so darn annoying the state of the beaches, roads, sidewalks, you name it in Oman where garbage bags are strewn everywhere. It drives me crazy.

We are a nation of don't worry throw it down and someone will clean up after, sad but true. We need to get to the schools and educate, educate, educate.

I went to Australia on a holiday last year and discovered some amazing bags being sold in the supermarkets, they were so cheap it was a shame not to buy them, like 1 australian dollar (don't know how much bt cheap). Anyway, I have started using them in the supermarkets, The guys packing think it is pretty funny. The girls at the checkout think it strange, but the expats in the queue behind think it is fab????

Muscati, I don't know how, what, where but |Oman needs these bags, let us be Gulf leaders in, 'get rid of the plastic'.

The Emirates is a nightmare, they still are using plastic bags in the supermarkets.

You can buy Mercs, Houses, Jewellry, jobs, obviously, but not a sense of 'save our environment'.

In countries in Europe they have adopted the attitude, you wanna bag you pay for it, imagine if we had to pay for the plastic, how we would not walk out with just a carton of milk packed therein by the worker.

Europe, you pack your own shopping too.

Get a grip all and help us out with this problem, might lead to less shit on the streets.

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