Saturday, February 12, 2005

DVD stack had a sale last month and I bought a bunch of DVDs to add to my growing stack of movies I've bought and never got around to seeing. I'm gonna have to put some serious effort into clearing this backlog.


Kamakazy said...

all i could make out is Monk... but why would you want that on DVD?

muscati said...

I haven't seen Monk, but I heard that it's a good show. I like Tony Shahloub. He's a great actor. Plus he's won quite a few awards for this show.

If you click on the picture you can see it full size and the titles become clearer. They are (starting at the bottom):

Star Wars trilogy
LOTR - Return of the King (Extended Edition)
Seinfeld - Season 1, 2 and 3
Monk - Season 1
THX 1138 - George Lucas Director's Cut
La Haine
Betty Blue - Director's Cut
Chunking Express
Da Vinci Code Decoded
Metallica - Some Kind of Monster
The Corporation

The movies on top right are older movies which I've mostly seen before, but not since I bought them on DVD.

Anonymous said...

Muscati -

Winger here - I have Seinfeld too, and have watched it - excellent! But do you get them by post and are there normally customs problems when you do?

muscati said...

Winger, I haven't had a movie taken from me by the censors in years. But now that i've said it in public my next shipment will probably be taken :)

Seriously though, I order from, and most frequently from and I always choose airmail, never DHL or courier. CD Wow shipments are sent from Hong Kong and they usually arrive in less than a week, sometimes as fast as 3 days. also takes a week and is usually a week to ten days. Best thing about CD Wow, other than the prices is that they send every single movie separately. Thus if you order 6 movies, they'll come in 6 individual packages. And shipping is always free. Plus they stock movies in US, UK and Asian version. Often you can get the same movie in its Asian version for half the price of the US or UK version.

The trick to get your movies into Oman untouched is to restrict your orders to 6 movies or less. Apparently the customs people have been given 6 as the magic number. Below 6 they don't send them to the censors. Above 6 they have to take them away. Also, it matters which post office you use. Ruwi post office is where your packages will mostly likely be opened. I used to get my mail there, but then I switched to Jibroo after one too many packages were searched.

Kamakazy said...

can i borrow "Da Vinci Code Decoded" please?

muscati said...

Sure, once I'm done with it :)

BusyNow said...

I like aresseted development,
What a great show

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