Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Bravo Christine!

Christine Terres has completed her Sohar to Shatti walk yesterday at 4.30pm. She has decided to do a 10km "victory lap" tomorrow morning so that she can arrive at Jawharat Al Shatti (JAS) at 10am as originally planned. Anyone who wants to take part and congratulate Christine on her achievement can meet up with her tomorrow at 10am on the beach outside JAS for her arrival.

Christine has done her part by walking a total of 220km in 6 days, not counting the extra 10km tomorrow. Now it's time for us to do our part by giving to the cause. Anything, even 1 rial will do.


Anonymous said...

Hi Muscati,

Its really of Christine to take this walk. i heard her on the radio on why she decided to walk and her answer was the most genuine and sincere I have ever heard for these kinds of long walks and runs.

She said people, specially women fleeing their homes in Indonesia from the Tsunami had to walk hundreds of kilometers to save their lives. And they did it without food and water for days. and nobody cares for them.

Thats why she decided to walk this long.
Bravo to her and her team.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to Warda's log I discover your link and know that I regularly visit it. You always give accurate, up-to-date news and as you are not much in the Sabla, it is great to know that I can read you here. I am posting this comment here, as you do not have a chat box :).

Congratulations about the good news of your wife's pregnancy and I hope all will go well in the months to come. Sincerely-------> X-press

Anonymous said...

A friend of mine was involved in organizing the great reception for Christine which took place in Jawharat A'Shati today, so we decided to head there to support the event. Quite a few people met at the Chedi early this morning and walked with Christine to Shati. Others joined them when they reached the Hyatt. There were t-shirts and flowers being sold for charity, in addition to the other stalls that sold various merchandise.The place was quite lively and I think Christine was pleased to to see the turnout.. Dunno how much money she managed to collect, but whatever it is, she deserves a huge pat on the back for her great effort!!


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