Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Arabic rap

I've written once before about Fujairah gangsta rappers, but all kiddin' aside I've been waiting a long long time for Arabic rap to reach a stage where our rappers are comfortable rapping in their own language instead of pretending to be gangsters.

Chan'ad Bahraini is one of the blogs I've been reading for the past 6 months on an almost daily basis. Chan'ad has covered arabic rap before and he's got more stuff this week. I went through some of the links and I've decided to put some of them here in case anyone here wants to listen.

Check out the song B2esm el Rap (in the name of rap), which incredibly has 15 arab rappers rhyming on it.

Go to: ArabRap's download page which has a good selection of songs. Give Maarakat Baghdad, which samples a very song by Fairuz, a try.

Also check out Slingshot Hip Hop for the video of Meen Erhabi (who's the terrorist) by Palestinian rap grap DAM (AKA Da Arabian MC's) - which you can also download from their official website:

If you know any more, please send the links this way.