Monday, January 31, 2005

To recline or not to recline

The argument goes like this: Why fly first or business class when you can fly coach and use the money you save from the difference on the holiday itself? It makes huge sense until you find yourself cramped in your seat in coach class and you start cursing yourself out a million times in your mind for doing it.

What's the worst part about flying in economy class?

To me it's when it's when the person in front of you reclines his/her seat and you find a total stranger literarily in your lap. You're in position with no breathing space at all and you can't even hold a book in front of you to read. Now comes to the tough decision: Should I continue to suffer or should I be an asshole, like the guy in front, and recline my seat all the way back too?

I just can't get myself to do it. I can't be that oblivious to others as if my behaviour doesn't affect them.

What about you, are you one of those people?


Wardat_il'7leej said...

I totally would recline my seat to punish the one behind me, but justify it by saying that I need space and the only way to get it is by pushing my chair back. Even though eventually place it back upright since the person behind me kicks me. It’s a no win situation....go business or 1st and save yourself

Anonymous said...

I hate when the asshole in front keeps his bloody chair reclined even when the food arrives, I actually always get the trolley dolly to tell them to put their seat up otherwise you end up not only with the asshole on your lap but your food too!!!!

Anonymous said...

what's wrong with reclining your seat? if you have the option, why not use it...atleast it gives more comfort than sitting in a cramped space. people pay a lot of money to fly, they have every right to sit in comfort and recline their seat if they want to!

Najah said...

I agree with the last annonymus!

(I squeeze in a box if thats what i had to and given the option to!) and Muscati COME on (you were Exagurating there by saying they reach your lap, I've never experienced that, they do it but not to the extent!)

Anonymous said...

What I do is turn on the reading light and make sure it's right in the asshole's eye. That way, s/he will have to pull his/her seat forward if s/he wants to get even a minute of sleep. If asked to switch it off, just tell the person you need to read and since his/her seat is so far back, s/he is bound to get some of the light.

If not, dig your knees in the person's chair. If you can't sleep, they shouldn't either.


Anonymous said...

I try my very best to treat others as I'd like them to treat me, however, I also have this tendency to feel vengeful when the person behind me kicks my seat constantly. Whenever I recline my seat, I do but not all the way as my way of being considerate. Just because the ass infront of me is being inconsiderate does not mean I have to be an ass to the person behind me and cause a domino effect. For this reason, I always always try to get an exit seat. Nobody infront of me to break my knees!

Anonymous said...

Well u also have to consider your pocket!...Business Class is comfortable, no doubt, but it does leave a big dent in your wallet.

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