Sunday, January 16, 2005

Random ramblings

Rambling One:

WOW! Yesterday was so much fun! The turnout for the lecture was so much better than we had hoped! I just wish more Omanis would show up!! Most of the Omanis there were either board members or friends that we harassed with nonstop requests to show up. Yet, I am very optimistic and honestly believe that they do care but just kinda need someone to push them some more *sigh*

As Mux said, we really do have a problem with the Arabic press. There isn't anything I haven't tried. I emailed them, then I called them. After which they asked for faxes cause emails just don't cut it with them, so I faxed them. In the end: NOTHING! None of them showed up for our plastic bag launch and no one showed up for yesterday's lecture.

We are thinking of luring them in by inviting some VIP hotshot as a guest of honor for our next lecture, that seems to always work with them. Sad, but true..

Anyhow, I refuse to let them put a damper on our night!

Rambling Two:

We went for a scan last week, and it was sooo much fun (except for the ice cold gel thing they slap on your tummy)! I swear if I was offered a scan every day i'd go for it! This one was a kind of detailed scan, where we got to see fingers and toes.. AWWWWWW!!!! Its amazing how much I love this baby. Heck I fell in love with it when it was just a small black dot on the scan. Personally I think the baby is gorgeous, hubby says I'm full of **** and that all babies look ugly in the scans, but, I don't care, I'll believe what i want!

Rambling Three:

For some wierd reason I have decided that I want to invest my nonexistant income in the stock market. Why, how or when, I have no clue. I just informed my husband of this wonderful new idea and he just laughed in my face and said i was so cute ( I'm so sure cute wasn't what he meant). I don't know what IPOs are but I have decided its time to acquire some. I think it must be my brother in law's ideas rubbing off on me. Whatever it is, I have my mind set on it. Wish me luck!!

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