Tuesday, January 18, 2005

On the subject of Omani blogs, again

I've bookmarked every Omani blog that I've come across and I go back to check every single one of them as often as I can. The good news is that the number of Omani bloggers is increasing rapidly. The not so good news is that for most a blog is just a scribble pad on which they write random thoughts or otherwise use as an online diary. I am still waiting for the arrival of Omani commentators who have something to say to all of us, not just random strangers and close friends.

A very large percentage of blogs I see confound me. What is it with the fascination with poetry that everyone has? They all fancy themselves as poets or else like to fill their blog with their favorite poems and song lyrics. Where are their thoughts and opinions? Don't they have any views on the world around them?

Yesterday I found myself on Arablogger.com home of the Best Arab Blog Award. From BABA I found a link to Zayed Al Saidi's blog. I had a quick read of Zayed's blog, which is entirely in Arabic, and some of it is too technical. He's a computer science student at SQU with diverse interests, but he's mostly interested in the IT world. One thing I liked about Zayed's blog is that it's the first to mention the recent wave of arrests. There's been a rumor in town for the past week that around 50 islamists were arrested in Oman. The rumors say that they've aligned themselves with Al Qaeda. Zayed says that's not true and has posted an entry in his blog saying that they are arrested in a manner which contravenes with the Oman's basic law. I won't go into the details. You can read it all on his blog.

Another Oman related blog that I check out often is TheDesertTimes. This is written by an America woman who's married to an Omani guy. Apparently they were married in secret for years until he finally told his parents and managed to get a government approval to bring her to Oman. Her blog brings an interesting foreign perspective of Oman. Sometimes I find some of the stuff she writes a bit offensive. Maybe I'm just being protective of my precious Oman, even though I slam it often enough on my own. Is this a double standard of me, it's ok for an Omani to be sarcastic about his country but not a foreigner?