Saturday, January 08, 2005

It's Environment Day, let's run!

Today is Oman Environment Day. The ministry responsible for the environment has planned a bunch of events including the obligatory beach and coral cleanup and a seminar on the role of women in protecting the environment. Cool. But how come the main event is a marathon? It is barely 8 days after the Olympic Day run. Can't anyone try to be the least bit creative and plan better events instead of organizing a walk or a run a for every single occasion regardless of how appropriate it is?


Temasek68 said...

This reminds me we have the same in Italy and the cleaning of the beaches is the most advertised of the events but mind that our coasts are really really dirty, nothing to do with my beautiful Oman.
Funny how all are involved, specially important people like actors, politicians and so on: the very next day is all like before, kids throwing icecream envelope on sand, families after pic nic leaving everything there, dogs free around and their owners careless of their duties.
It should be the whole year not only one day, maybe if those who partecipate said "Ok let's meet up after 5 months and see if things are better" then we'd see real results.

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