Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Good news for the no-life freaks

Have you ever watched one of the million Arab music channels that have SMS chat streams at the bottom of the screen? Are you one of those sad souls who always lamented "how come they don't have a number for Oman so I can send a message too?"

Well you can rejoice because Oman Mobile has two big ads in todays papers listing the local SMS numbers for all the channels in what they call SMS2tv. You can now vote on Star Academy 2, flirt with guys in other Arab countries who send messages to channels pretending to be girl, show off your sense of humor, or just make a total ass of yourself like all the others. Oh and don't forget to get yourself a brilliant nickname.

And it's all at the super affordable price of 300 baisas a message. How cheap! And to incentivize you further, Oman Mobile has a special offer of just 200 baisas a message till Feb 28. What excuse do you have not to use this fabulous service?!!

The biggest selling Hayyak (SMS prepaid) top-up card goes for 3 rials. Ten SMS chat messages to one of these tv station and there goes your credit. Time to top-up again. How soon is it going to be before we start hearing stories of kids driving their parents crazy with their out of control SMS addiction. I wonder if kids are gonna steal from their parents to buy Hayyak cards. In my days the biggest vice was smoking and a pack only cost 350 baisas. A pack of Marlboros with a lighter and a roll of Polo would set you back half a rial. Leaving you with the other half to buy a couple of hotdogs or shawermas and a cold drink.

Thank you Oman Mobile. I will no longer be ashamed that there are no Oman numbers listed at the end of all the music channel ads. What a proud day it is to be an Omani.

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