Sunday, January 16, 2005

ESO first lecture a huge success

The first event of the Environment Society of Oman was a tremendous success. Close to 100 people showed up for the lecture today. We had booked a room with 50 seats. By afternoon we already had around 40 people who had emailed saying that they're coming so we called the hotel and increased the seats to 75. By the time the lecture started at 7.30 there were already 75 people in the room and we had to keep bringing in more seats until the room was full and then we had people standing in the back and on the sides.This was just a quick intro to the society. Our future lectures are going to be more exciting and more detailed. We have lots of events lined up for the next few months. And the more people who join up and volunteer, the more work we can do.

I am so glad we pushed to have the first lecture in January even though some others thought it would be better to wait till after our official launch event.

Of course as usual most of the press didn't show up even though this time we emailed, called, and sent official invitations to all of them. Once again only TheWeek came through for us. I hope they give us good coverage in next week's issue. But we really need more coverage in the Arabic press. Plus we've planned an Arabic lecture next month and without Arabic press we wouldn't be able build on this success with the non English speaking Omanis. What do we have to do to get some coverage in this town?

Our tentative calender of events is now online:

ESO Calender of Events


Anonymous said...

blimey Muscati could have seen you there, went to the mexi restaurant there yesterday and wondered what the hullaballoo was. Fantastic turnout, well done.

However, I don't think the event was publicized enough. I for one feel there is so much to do here. This is the most amazing place, people don't appreciate it though. I seriously think that the kids in school need to be targetted. They can name and shame the parents then, who chuck their garbage out of the window willy nilly.

Most people chuck their rubbish anywhere they feel, knowing full well that an indian chap will pick it up before most people are wiping the sleep out of their eyes. Take a look at the public beach down by the Gulf for instance after a weekend, the place is a complete shit hole. I have even witnessed a 'well off' omani in his mutha Merc chucking his waste where he was parked, then he drove off. what the....... I wanted to kick the shit outta him, ahhhhh another issue, I would have been threatened with a cancellation of visa, oh joy!!!!

Another thing, all those bloody plastic bags, some countries now sell, dead cheap re usable bags, how many of the plastic bags are given out for free (an indian chappie packing 1 item therein), not to be used again.

Good luck with everything you need to sort out.

Ha noticed you have lived in one of the dodgiest places in Britain, how many environmental issues did you pick up there? Arn't Glaswegians the ugliest race on humanity?

No offence meant in anything above by the way.

Anonymous said...

Well done Muscati and ESO. Hope you build on this success and carry on further.

The thing about the press not being there, I suggest you send a letter to all those were not there with cc to the min of information and the Mct Municipality inquiring why they couldnt be bothered to be on one very important occassion. Do they not care enough for the place they live in? Surely not but being the media its their JOB to highlight an issue such as this.

thanks & all the very best.

Anonymous said...

On what basis does the commentator make his remarks about Glasgow being the ugliest race of humanity? I wonder if the commentator has actually lived at the same level of deprivation as many Glaswegians. Not all British people are rich and pampered.

The very commendable thing about a lot of Glaswegians, or Scots for that matter, is that they've had the nouse to get out and to travel. How would you like to live in a climate that's wet, cold and dark for up to nine months of the year or more?

Having said that, Glasgow has a heritage. It has been the European City of Culture. Do a Google search and you should find a whole host of other things. Including environmental matters.

Besides, our blogger was at the University of Stirling, a different place. Check