Monday, December 27, 2004

This and that

1. Rain!

Wonderful weather today. I'm definitely not in a work mood. If I had a four wheel drive car i'd be outside right now just driving around and taking pictures.

It seldom rains in Muscat anymore so we appreciate every drop that we get. It wasn't always like this. I can't pinpoint when it was exactly that rain started becoming scarcer. It must have been in the early to mid 90's. I can't remember the last time we had a good rainfall that lasted continuously for a few years. What we get these days is "drive by" rain. Clouds suddenly appear. It rains hard for an hour or so, then it goes away like nothing had happened. It always amuses me when it rains in the morning. Most people don't put up their sunshades, ever opitimistic with the hope that the rain would last all day. It rarely ever happens. Usually within two hours the sun would be out again, blazing as ever.

2. I got excellent pictures from the stadium the other day when we went and did the patriotic thing to cheer our returning football team. I'll figure out a way to post some of them soon as I can.

3. I finally got the U2 album. Cheers to my excellent wife who asked her friend to get it from Dubai for me. Big thanks to her friend too, though I can't let her by so easily for what she said when she listened to it in the shop: "I wanted to dismantle my own body from all the yelling." Bono will not be pleased.

4. I need books. Can someone please guide me if there's any option other than Amazon for books. and have both increased their shipping rates for books and outpriced themselves out of my market. Besides, with the British Pound at around 0.74 you think twice before buying anything from the UK regardless of the shipping rate.

5. I passed by the Ministry of Truth the other day to follow up on something and had the honor of meeting a censor. A person with a room and a desk and a big stack of magazines to censor for my protection. Next time I buy a magazine and find a page missing or a picture blacked-out I'll know who to thank for it.

6. Speaking of magazines, what's up with the crazy prices we're paying? And how come magazine subscriptions are so much cheaper in the US than in the UK? UK magazine subscriptions rarely save you any money while in the US subscriptions often save you as much as 70% off the cover price. The price of Empire magazine is now almost 5 rials an issue in the local market. I thought I'd subscribe to it to save money but the subscription price turned out to be close to 80 pounds which doesn't save me much at all. In the meantime, Premiere magazine (which is shit compared to Empire) sells for just over 3 rials here. I got a one year subscription for $37, which brings the price per issue to around 1.2 rials.


Anonymous said...


Yes why are magazines so expensive here, and the complete frustration of having a cleavedge blacked out with marker pen. Even had a black pen mark on a blokes speedos, for goodness sake. Really.

What sort of bloke sits in a small room with a marker pen in his hand all day, a right old pervert in my book.

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