Sunday, November 28, 2004

What help?

Having been away from Oman for a year till September, this was the first month that I pay bills again. I noticed on my GSM bill that Omantel now has an Account Number where the Contract Number used to be. I was afraid that if I pay my bill online without changing the contract number with the bank the payment won't register against my account. I called OIFC's call center and the woman who answered my call surprised me by saying that the account number changes with every bill and it shouldn't matter to me when I make the payment at the counter. She had no idea about internet banking. She said "go ahead and pay". So I called Omantel's call center, and the woman there had no idea that there used to be a contract number. I could almost hear the gears jamming in her brain.

So two calls, two so-called help lines, and I got absolutely no help at all. In the end I went on internet banking and opened a new bill payment with the account number. Hopefully, the money will find its way to my account.

Speaking of mobile phone companies....

Nawras Telecom

It seems like everyone and their mother is applying for jobs at Nawras. The company's apparently paying crazy salaries and their post box is getting jammed with applications. Someone told me so many people apply for every opening that they're discarding applications without reading them. A friend told me about someone who doesn't even have a university degree and barely has a couple years' work experience who's getting paid more than I am. Some good that MSc did me, ha?


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